Black Youths Kill White Man Over $10, A Cell Phone, And A Sandwich.

Posted on December 20, 2012


North Carolina (The Gaslamp Post) – They told police that they were targeting white people because they probably had money, and now all 4 robbers are behind bars, charged with murder.  A group of 4 black youths needed money so they decided to go out and rob people; white people.

The group had unsuccessfully tried several capers before they were able to score $10, a cell phone, and a sandwich.  By the time it was all said and done, their victim, 19-year-old Joshua Proutey lay on the ground with his brains blown out.

Proutey was just leaving work at his job at the Community Arts Center in Wilmington, when he was confronted by the group.  Police say Daniel Henry, 17, Jasmine Nikole Dottin, 19, Christopher Daniel Cromartie, 23,  and Quintel Raheem Grady, 22, approached Proutey at his truck and pulled a gun on him.

Suspects in the robbery and slaying of Joshua Proutey (left to right), Jasmine Nikole Dottin, Quintel Raheem Grady, Christopher Daniel Cromartie, and Daniel Henry,

Suspects in the robbery and slaying of Joshua Proutey (left to right), Jasmine Nikole Dottin, Quintel Raheem Grady, Christopher Daniel Cromartie, and Daniel Henry.

They reportedly demanded money, and Proutey pulled $10 from his pocket.  According to WECT-TV, Grady ordered Proutey into his trunk and then shot him in the head when he didn’t move fast enough.  According to Henry, Grady had just acquired the handgun used in the murder that day.

The group took Proutey’s money, his cell phone, and the sandwich that he had bought for dinner, and left him on the ground in the parking lot.

College student and murder victim, Joshua Proutey.

Authorities obtained surveillance video of the group a short time later, purchasing gas with Proutey’s $10.  Cromartie reportedly said that he needed gas money to visit his 3-year-old son in New York.

According to World Net Daily:

Cromartie was a “member of the Portia M. Hines Park Project, part of the New Hanover County Blue Ribbon Commission on the Prevention of Youth Violence, and he claimed to be the manager of the gym, a nonprofit club for at-risk youth.”

Earlier that night they had tried to break into the home of a couple in Forrest Hills, but they reportedly woke up while the group was using a ladder to try and gain entry to the home.  They reportedly fled once they realized that the home was occupied.

Next they followed a white woman who was walking by herself, but stopped when she entered a fenced yard and appeared to call 911 on her cell.  She never did make the call according to reports.

Proutey was the next unfortunate soul that they had encountered.

One of the attackers, Daniel Henry, said that he doesn’t think that he deserves to be charged with Proutey’s murder since he didn’t pull the trigger.  According to WWAY-TV:

“I don’t want no sympathy. I just want justice,” Henry said. “Yeah, give me time, but don’t give me life. I did not pull the trigger. I can’t control what somebody else do.”

“If I could rewind back, I would’ve stepped in front of the bullet for Josh,” Henry said. “He had more going on for himself than me.”

“I’m not as tough as I look,” Henry said wiping away tears. “I get stereotyped so much.”

All four are charged with first degree murder, robbery with a dangerous weapon, and conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon.  Police also charged Cromartie and Dottin with attempted burglary.

Cromartie, Grady, and Dottin are all presently being held without bond.  If convicted they will be facing the death penalty.  Henry is currently being held on $2 Million, and faces a max sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.  He won’t recieve the death penalty because he is a minor.