New Proposal Would Require Life Jackets For Dogs In Pools?

Posted on December 21, 2012


Colorado (John Aguilar-Daily Camera) – Mastering the doggy paddle may not be good enough to keep Rufus afloat at the doggy daycare pool for long.

How does fitting your water-wary Weimaraner with a state-mandated Fido float coat sound?

Compulsory canine life jackets at pool-equipped daycare and boarding facilities across the state could become reality if rules being drafted by the Pet Animal Care Facilities Program, a division of the Colorado Department of Agriculture, come to pass.

For James Bertini, who has run doggy daycare facility Earthdog Denver for the last decade, the proposed rules go too far. A number of Bertini’s customers come from Boulder County, where pet daycare is generally a swim-free experience.

“We have a park with a pool in it, and that means every dog that walks in our park would have to have a life jacket on,” he said. “This is extreme overreach with this proposed rule.”

The draft rules state that “every dog must wear a personal flotation device while in or while having access to a pool area whenever the pool water is deeper than the height of the dog at its shoulder.” They also stipulate that the pool must have at least one lifeguard on duty to watch over the bedraggled barkers.

That means buying dog-shaped life vests and hiring extra staff to monitor pool activity, Bertini said.

“That will require additional cost and time,” he said. “It will drive up everyone’s costs and make their operations more cumbersome.”

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