Feds: Woman Claimed To Be Relative Of Innocent Sandy Hook Victim In Order To Scam Donations

Posted on December 28, 2012


New York (Jeane Macintosh-New York Post) – A soulless Bronx grifter posed as the aunt of 6-year-old Newtown massacre victim Noah Pozner in a twisted scam to collect bogus-charity donations, the feds charged yesterday.

Nouel Alba, 36, even told prospective donors that she had to enter Sandy Hook Elementary School after the bloodbath and identify her “nephew” for police — and said the child had “11 gun shots in his little body.”

Nouel Alba

Nouel Alba

Noah was the youngest of 20 first-graders murdered in the Dec. 14 rampage, which also killed six educators. His family has said Alba is no relation.

Alba allegedly sent out her first calls for cash within hours of the shooting.

The next day, she said in an online posting that a funeral fund had been set up “for my brother and families,” according to the complaint in Hartford federal court.

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