Who Needs Smoke Detectors When You Have A Hen? Pet Chicken Credited With Saving Family From House Fire.

Posted on December 29, 2012


Wisconsin (The Gaslamp Post) – A family pet is being credited with saving the lives of a family whose home caught fire early this past Thursday.  Their pet, “Cluck Cluck” is a chicken that had wandered onto their property in Alma Center and was more or less adopted.

Homeowner Dennis Murawska said that the chicken, which was kept in a coop in their basement, began making noise which woke his wife shortly after 6:00 am.  He realized that something was wrong when he heard his wife get up and then start running around.

It was later discovered that the home’s smoke detectors weren’t working.  The family was able to escape their home in time, but unfortunately the home was a complete loss.

Firefighters located Cluck Cluck alive in her coop in the home’s basement along with one of the family’s two cats.  The other cat hasn’t been located and is presumed dead.

Cluck Cluck came to become the family’s pet when it wandered from a nearby farm and showed up in Murawska’s yard.  The hen had a deformed foot and didn’t produce any eggs, but Murawska’s heart got the better of him.

Murawaska’s wife Stacy Cotey would allow Cluck Cluck to stay in the basement when it became cold outside, and soon her husband built her a coop.  “I spent way more money than I ever should’ve,” Murawska during a telephone interview.  “I guess it paid off.”

In this photo provided by Barb Murray, Brad Krueger of Alma Center, Wis., holds his neighbors’ chicken, Cluck Cluck, on Friday, Dec. 28, 2012. The chicken, which the neighbors kept as a pet, is being credited for saving that family from an early-morning fire Thursday by waking the couple with its vocal clucking. (AP Photo/Courtesy Barb Murray)

Cluck Cluck with her former owner, Brad Krueger. Image AP/UT San Diego

Neighbor Brad Krueger, who is reportedly Cluck Cluck’s former owner, is now hen-sitting while the family puts the pieces back together.

“I’ve heard animals waking people up but not a chicken,” said Krueger.  “She (Stacy Cotey) said she heard the commotion of the chicken and all that stuff.”

According to WEAU-TV, the fire reportedly started in the attic area of the home’s attached garage.  The home was fully engulfed by the time firefighters arrived.

(h/t:  UT San Diego)