Police Officer’s Home Gets Egged By Off Duty Police Officers?

Posted on January 7, 2013


Massachusetts (The Gaslamp Post) – Officers responding to a call of some teenagers throwing eggs at a home in Framingham were surprised to find that the three suspects they picked up were all police officers themselves.  What was even more surprising was that the home that they were believed to have thrown eggs at belonged to another police officer – from the same department.

Last month on December 11, 2012, at approximately 1:51 am, neighbors called police to report some kids throwing eggs at a house.  They described the suspects as teenagers and gave police the description of the red car that they used to drive away.

A short time later, police found the car and the suspects matching the caller’s description.  The two men inside identified themselves as Newton police officers, and admitted to egging the house.  They told Framingham police that it was just a prank.

When officers returned to the residence they located a third man who also turned out to be a Newton police officer.  He too admitted to egging the home.

Framingham police discovered that the targeted house belonged to another Newton police officer.  The police officer as it turns out, is a Sergeant and the other three Newton police officer’s superior.

The homeowner declined to press charges, and stated that he would handle the matter himself, internally with his department.