Suspected Bank Robber Caught Masturbating In Public The Very Next Day

Posted on January 7, 2013


Washington State (The Gaslamp Post) – As if it wasn’t embarrassing enough getting caught by police masturbating in public, trying to pass it off as doing something that would connect you to the armed robbery that you committed a day earlier can’t be much better.

Police in Seattle say a man held up the Capital Hill bank on New Years Eve with a claim that he had a bomb.  He grabbed the unspecified amount of cash and fled on foot.

The next day a female passerby saw a man sitting in the doorway of a car dealership, working out his stress.  She reportedly flagged down two police officers who found the man, still in the act, exactly where she said he was.

Police immediately recognized the man as being the suspect involved in the bank robbery the previous day.  He reportedly caved when confronted by police, and said that he wasn’t doing what they thought he was doing; he was trying to hide the cash he had on him in his pants and shoes.

A quick search of the man by officers turned up the cash found “crammed” into his pants and soles of his shoes.  He was arrested and booked on robbery charges.

(h/t:  Seattle Pi)