Watch: Alex Jones Goes Head To Head With Lib Piers Morgan On Gun Control

Posted on January 8, 2013


New York (The Gaslamp Post) – CNN host Piers Morgan, responding to a petition of well over 100,000 signatures to have him deported back to the UK, invited the petition’s originator, host of Infowars Nightly News, Alex Jones on his show.  Anyone familiar with Jones’ show would right away realize that it would not end well.

Jones had spoken out about Morgan’s statements regarding the 2nd amendment and our constitution, and insisted that Americans take action.  Morgan seemed to have thought that the constitutional rights of Americans are debatable.

In the following videos, Jones can be seen snapping a gasket on Morgan last night, apparently not at all thrilled with a foreigner taking a stand on American gun rights – after leaving his home country to come here.

(h/t:  The Blaze)