Bad Timing Or Just Plain Stupidity? Police Allege Boy Made (Fake) YouTube Video Of Him Shooting Up His School.

Posted on January 10, 2013


Wisconsin (The Gaslamp Post) – Police in Crandon were alerted to a video allegedly made by a juvenile, in which they say he acted out shooting up his school and killing students.  The video which has since been taken down, according to WTAQ-TV, was shot on an iphone and depicted other students being shot.

Superintendent James Asher says the video was shot with an Apple iPhone or iPad outside the school and deemed the video a threat to the safety of students.

The video depicted a student pretending to shoot a gun.  Then in post production, the video was overlaid with graphics of guns, blood splatter, and sound effects.

The Forrest County Sheriff office arrested the boy as a “high security risk”, and a letter was sent home to parents by the school district, explaining what had happened.  A search of his home and school turned up no evidence, but the boy remains in custody.

The sheriff’s office says the video was made in poor judgment and there is no danger to anyone.

He is due back in court this coming Monday.

Residents and police of Crandon take a threat like this very serious, in not only the wake of the recent Newtown, Connecticut, shooting, but because the small town experienced a shooting spree in 2007.  An off-duty SWAT team member who could not get over a break-up with his girlfriend, drove to a house where she was attending a “Homecoming” party with her friends, and shot them.

The shooter, off-duty Deputy Tyler Peterson, 20,  had reportedly sent his 18-year-old ex-girlfriend several text messages but wasn’t pleased with her replies.

Shooter: Off-duty Deputy Tyler Peterson

He drove to the party and was told to leave after he became violent towards his former love interest.  He reportedly went to his vehicle and retrieved his duty rifle (anyone care to wager what a SWAT officer’s duty rifle is?), forced his way back into the home, and proceeded to shoot and kill his ex-girlfriend and five others at the party.

He went on the run but later killed himself after being wounded by another officer several hours later.

“We are in shock and disbelief that he would do such terrible things,” Peterson’s family said. “This was not the Tyler we knew and loved.”