15-Year-Old Girl Gang Raped In Class, Teachers Do Nothing.

Posted on January 13, 2013


New York (Barbara Ross and Lisa Colangelo-New York Daily News) – A mentally challenged 15-year-old girl was gang-raped beneath her desk during class — only feet away from her teachers — at an Elmont, N.Y., school, according to a lawsuit filed Friday. When the girl reported the horrific incident the next day, school officials failed to report it, the victim’s mother claimed in the suit.

The special-needs teen, known by the initials K.J., was allegedly sexually assaulted for 10 minutes under her desk by two teenage boys, as another “hit her on the head whenever she tried to escape,” during science class at Martin De Porres Academy, claims the lawsuit.

The sick brutes also tried to anally sodomize her while one of them danced on her desk — all without attracting the attention of her teachers, said lawyer Madeline Bryer.

K.J., who has an IQ of less than 60, was sent to De Porres by the city and was the only girl in her class of 13 boys.

Her alleged attackers all lived at Casa De La Salle — a residence for juvenile delinquents — and had known “violent propensities,” the suit alleges.

K.J. told a school social worker about the assault the next day — but did nothing, the lawsuit said.

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