Elderly, Disabled Turned Away After “Entitled” Mob Overruns Section 8 Voucher Distribution

Posted on January 13, 2013


Michigan (The Gaslamp Post) – What was supposed to be an orderly distribution of Section 8 housing vouchers erupted into chaos early Saturday morning.  Many disabled and elderly individuals who had shown up for assisted housing vouchers were overrun when over 3 times the number of people gathered looking for a handout.

The line of people was described as being over a mile long, with some individuals reportedly having been waiting there since the day before.  The line dissolved when the doors opened, and a mob run for the door developed.


People, including children and elderly were trampled as the mob went for the door.  Police officers were called to the scene but were unable to control the crowd.

According to an eye witness at the scene, Star Lee said that:

Police were struggling to control a crowd of thousands of people waiting to receive Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers when a riot broke out at a human services center in Taylor. (WWJ Photo/Beth Fisher)

“People just don’t have order to themselves, you know what I mean? People were fighting and throwing chairs, and that’s just not necessary. We were asked to just come and line up and, you know, make things simple. They shut it down before it even got started and it’s just sad because some people really needed this help, this assistance.”

Another witness at the scene, Candice Wacasey said that:dogwelfare

“When the lights went out, it went horrible. People started trampling over people, there was a disabled lady that was in a wheelchair and they was trying to knock her over to get in front of her. I mean, just crazy.”

And yet another witness described how the mob shoved children aside with little regard for their safety.  According to one Mr. Lenny Syer:

“There was people who was physically putting their hands on people’s childs (sic) and moving them. It was unbelievable.”


Police and organizers watching the escalation immediately shut the event down, turning the crown of almost 4000 away.  According to police, there were no injuries, and 4 individuals were arrested.

They intend to hold the distribution again at a later date, but plan to have better security at that time.

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