Police: Man Was “Too Drunk” To Pull Off Robbery

Posted on January 18, 2013


Kentucky (The Gaslamp Post) – He wore the clothes, he had his lines down, and he even had the place picked out; had it not been for the fact that he was so horribly inebriated, he may have actually pulled it off.  Workers at a Little Caesar’s said that a man stumbled in shortly before opening last Thursday, wearing a ski mask and sunglasses.

They said that he smelled of alcohol and was badly slurring his speech; they believe that he said something to the effect of “this is a hold up”.

Look mom, no brains: Arrested after being to drunk to pull off robbery – Ryan Hopkins.

The man left after employees told him to go away.

Police located the man, identified as Ryan Hopkins, 25, and charged him with public intoxication.  Police did not charge him with armed robbery because he had no weapons on him and was too drunk to have succeeded anyway.

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