UNBELIEVABLE! State Attorney General Says Licenses For Illegals OK.

Posted on January 18, 2013


North Carolina (Anne Blythe and Bruce Siceloff-News Observer) – The state Attorney General’s office said Thursday that young illegal immigrants participating in an Obama administration program blocking deportation for two years should be eligible for driving privileges in North Carolina, but by day’s end it wasn’t clear whether the DMV would issue them.

Katy Chavez, a lawyer in Raleigh, said a handful of her clients planned to test the opinion Friday, seeking licenses at DMV offices throughout the region that allow them to drive legally. Other lawyers eagerly await the results.

“I think the DMV is going to have to follow the law,” Chavez said.

The legal opinion was intended to end widespread confusion about whether young illegal immigrants who have stepped out of the shadows for a reprieve on deportation have the legal presence necessary for driving privileges. Tony Tata, the new secretary of transportation, said last week that he was awaiting the attorney general’s opinion before deciding whether to issue licenses to participants in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which President Barack Obama created last year.  UNBELIEVABLE

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