WAAAAAAH!!!! Activists Whining Over Video Of Border Agent Confiscating Water, Blankets, Left Behind For Illegals.

Posted on January 23, 2013


Arizona (Perla Trevizo-Arizona Daily Star) – A Tucson-based immigrants’ rights group says a hidden-camera video it posted on YouTube shows a Border Patrol agent removing clean blankets and food intended for illegal border crossers in distress.

The 33-second video, dated Jan. 8, shows an agent stopping by a clear plastic bag next to four water jugs. The agent opens the bag and looks inside but the video doesn’t show its contents. He is then seen walking away with the plastic bag.

Looks like a border agent doing his job, to me…

“We appreciate the efforts of those who report concerns and continue our dialogue with humanitarian groups as we work toward greater border security and the health and welfare of those who attempt to enter our country illegally,” Customs and Border Protection officials said in an email.

“We are currently gathering the facts related to the posted video, as there are any number of possible and appropriate reasons for the agent’s actions in this video,” the statement said.

Read more:     http://azstarnet.com/news/local/border/agent-took-blankets-provided-for-crossers-border-group-says/article_a2ff72fa-f4e2-5b77-8204-093bb693c0d7.html