Betcha He Won’t Do That Again: Man Beaten, Robbed In Motel Room By Drag Queens!

Posted on February 3, 2013


Louisiana (The Gaslamp Post) – The day didn’t turn out as planned for guy who arranged to meet two women at a New Orleans area motel room.   When it was all said and done, he got more than he bargained for.

Police are investigating an incident that occurred last Friday in which a man was assaulted and robbed by three individuals at the Airline Highway Motel.  According to NOLA, the victim had met the two women in a motel room at around 7:25 am but had second thoughts when he realized that the two women who greeted him in lingerie had adam’s apples.

Herbert James Bickham

Suspect in drag-queen robbery: Herbert James Bickham. Image

As he turned to leave, a third person emerged from the bathroom and the three proceeded to beat him, “ransack” his pockets, and rob him of his wallet, cash, and cell phone.  The three then reportedly fled the room after they were done.

Authorities apprehended a man known to go around in women’s clothing and wigs whom they believe is connected to the incident.  Police say that Herbert James Bickham, who frequents the Airline Highway Motel is a suspect in the case but have not disclosed how they knew that.

They say that the investigation is ongoing.

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