Chic Cop Demoted Over Racy Photo And Videos Sent To Co-Worker

Posted on February 5, 2013


Arizona (The Gaslamp Post) – An internal affairs investigation into allegations that a ranking officer had sent a subordinate officer some inappropriate media of herself has recently lost her rank.  Lt. Diana Lopez of the Tuscon Police Department has reportedly been demoted to the rank of sergeant.

According to the Arizona Daily Star, Officer Hottie had made several “sexually explicit videos” and took a “provocative” photo of herself in her police officer uniform shirt, and sent them to a co-worker with whom she was romantically involved with.  The images were then reportedly shared with other officers in the department from May to August of 2011.

Tuscon PD Lt. Diana Lopez, recently demoted after provocative images of her in uniform surfaced.  Image Tuscon Police Department.

Tuscon PD Lt. Diana Lopez, recently demoted after provocative images of her in uniform surfaced. Image Tuscon Police Department.

Lopez violated several department regulations, professional standards and a code of ethics, the police documents say.

“Lopez used extremely poor judgment in sending these images undermining her credibility as a commander. Her actions have negatively affected not only her reputation, but the reputation and mission of the Tucson Police Department,” wrote Assistant Chief Kathleen Robinson.

Attorney Michael Piccarreta, who represents Lopez, said she is considering a civil lawsuit against the city, or appealing the demotion through the Civil Service Commission.

“The case raises constitutional issues when there is a lawful off-duty behavior, and a wrongdoer violates your trust and privacy rights without your permission or consent by making it public,” Piccarreta said.

According to police documents (per Arizona Daily Star)

• Lopez acknowledged that one video shows her kissing a person in a police locker room while she was on duty.

• Lopez said a sexually explicit video of herself was taken at her home while she was off-duty.

• Thirteen people “might have, or might have knowledge” of the videos and photographs. They were ordered to turn the material over to the department, but all said “they did not have the material in question.” The videos and photo were not found during the internal affairs investigation, “but there is no doubt they exist.”

• One officer told investigators that Lopez had shared sex videos with him, and as far as he knows, they were not taken on department property. He also said he forwarded the videos electronically to other officers, and personally showed video to a sergeant.

• Other officers saw the sex videos, including some clips that did not identify the woman.

• Capt. John Stamatopoulos had lunch with Capt. Clayton Kidd in August 2012 and Stamatopoulos revealed to Kidd “the secret about the tapes” that Stamatopoulos had kept to himself for 10 months.

• The investigation found Stamatopoulos failed to notify the department about the videos and photographs. He received a written reprimand.

• Kidd denied that he was aware of any graphic “sex videos” pertaining to Lopez. He said he heard there was some type of “Girls Gone Wild” video, including a number of female personnel on a trip to Las Vegas.

• Kidd was cleared of wrongdoing.

(h/t:  Arizona Daily Star)

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