Since No One Else Is Saying It, I Will: GROW UP!

Posted on February 12, 2013


Wisconsin (The Gaslamp Post) – Has anyone ever wondered how it is that our society has gotten so far out-of-whack?  Our culture has become so watered down through sensitivity, the need for understanding, the need for multiculturalism, and the tolerance for different lifestyles, that we have basically become this society of perpetual 15-year-old whiners.

Case in point; there was a story published by a Milwaukee, Wisconsin television station about a girl who had reportedly been a cheerleader for the Green Bay Packers football team.  Someone on a Facebook Chicago Bears football team fan page had posted a picture of her and told viewers to “like if You Agree The Packers Have The Worst Cheerleaders In The NFL!”

Now while it would not make sense to someone who wasn’t aware of this fact; Green Bay and Chicago have been serious rivals pretty much since the sport began.  The rivalry goes back to the time of when the game was played without helmets.

Swipes have been exchanged over the years where they do everything from Photoshop skirts onto rival team members, to making Calvin (Calvin and Hobbs) images of the rowdy little tike peeing on each other’s team logos.  For that region (where I grew up) this is nothing new under the sun.

bears packers 1930s

What has caused the stir in America’s Dairyland is not just the post on the Chicago Bears fan page, but some of the derogatory comments left behind by individuals who had agreed with the initial “Like” request.  So much so was this stir, that the girl in the photo, one Ms. Kaitlyn Collins had cried out for public support in attempting to get her photo removed after becoming upset by the comments left behind by fans of the opposing team.

On February 4, 2012, the photo of her was uploaded to Facebook and quickly drew attention.  By 8:55 am, 2 days later it had reportedly drawn some 3500 likes and a whopping 640 comments, according to WTMJ-TV.

Some of these comments according to Ms. Collins were hurtful and she demanded that the post be pulled down.  She called it “cyber-bullying.”

Some comments left by the opposing team’s fans said things like, “Doesn’t get any uglier.  Truly an eyesore,” left by a poster named Eric Schuster.  Another poster, Delilah Castillo said, “LMAO fugly.”

Yet another comment left on the Facebook post, this one left by one Patrick Greney said, “I’d still f*** her but only from behind with a paper bag over her head.”

According to the emotional video uploaded to YouTube  by Ms. Collins, she said that many others were too harsh to post.

Now while it is that this sort of thing shows a lack of class on the parts of those who felt the need to run the poor girl into the ground, over something that should have little to do with her; it should raise a red flag due to the fact that she aimed to leverage public support in order to go after those who made those comments.  She insisted that Facebook remove the comments that she didn’t like.

She felt her right to free speech should trump someone else’s.

This whole emphasis on bullying, as well as “cyber-bullying” is absolutely ridiculous.  The notion that we can institute some program to deter someone from picking on someone else, or using their abilities to make someone’s day worse is foolish.

What is bullying besides one or several individuals picking on another individual or individuals?  Is this not what we’re basically saying in a nutshell?  Picking on someone?

So what do we do to deter it?  We raise our kids to not learn to overcome that sort of adversity, but to run to someone else to fix the problem for them.

What kind of message is that sending to our kids?  We’re telling them that you don’t have to learn how to deal with and resolve conflict, you only have to tell on them, and then life will be beautiful again.

Well that may give the little screwheads some peace of mind, but what happens when they get out into the real world?  What happens when they have to deal with an uncooperative or rude neighbor?  How are they supposed to deal with a co-worker who decides to make their life difficult?

How about some jerk who cuts them off in traffic or what would happen if they were ever confronted in a road-rage incident?

It used to be said that bullies were people who didn’t like themselves, and their own shortcomings were why they felt the need to act out against others.  That feeling of inadequacy was what the driving force was behind their need to be superior over others in abusive ways.

The liberal answer was to focus on a child’s self-esteem.  Let’s work on ways to make the kids feel better about themselves.


Everybody gets a trophy, nobody loses, no one gets left behind, and no one is better than anyone else.  Everybody is equal no matter how much or how little they do.  It matters not how good someone is at something, or how poorly they perform; everyone is special.

Well that’s a great philosophy and all, but unfortunately when it’s put into practice it doesn’t work.  How do I know this?

Easy…  Because “bullies” still exist.

Teaching our kids that “bullying” is something that can be eradicated in life, is to bring up our kids with an unrealistic expectation about adulthood.  The reality is that the only way to deal with an antagonist is through confrontation.

The reality is that not everyone should get a trophy, the reality is that not everyone is all that smart, the reality is that everyone isn’t that good at something, and the reality is that not every girl should be a cheerleader in the NFL.

While the fans on the Chicago Bears fans Facebook page decided to run Collins into the ground for no other reason but to be jerks, one must not overlook one simple fact; she is perceived to be sub-par as far as NFL cheerleaders are concerned.

Was that cruel?  I hardly think so.

While she is by no means ugly, when put into perspective she is not meeting or exceeding the standards when compared to say 49’s or Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleaders.  Is that cold?  No, it’s honest.

Kaitlyn Collins as a cheerleader for the NFL football team Green bay Packers. Image WTMJ-TV / Facebook.

She was a cheerleader and put herself out there, she chose a position in the public domain and unfortunately everything that comes along with it.  Going back to putting things into perspective, we must also realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Girls who are considered hot in Seattle may not be considered so in some place, say in Miami.  What is considered hot in Michigan may not be thought of so much so in Los Angeles.

While Ms. Collins may be Wisconsin-pretty and could possibly win a pageant or two up there, elsewhere in this great nation of ours the reality is that she’s out there and simply isn’t the kind of gal that’s typical NFL cheerleader.

2012 NFL Cheerleaders

By raising kids like her up with an emphasis on self-esteem, we as a society have failed them.  When we make them think that they are special simply for the sake of being special, we give them false hopes and expectations for what is to come in life.

By thinking and believing that we are special and therefore no one else should has the right to think otherwise, we are only fooling ourselves.  How is it that our opinion should trump anyone else’s when it comes to freedom of speech?

Furthermore, how can one have the right to shut down someone else’s opinion simply because they don’t care for it while in the public domain?  There is a word to describe that which picks and chooses who can say what, with respect to perception – tyranny.

Liberal stupidity put into perspective for you, America

While the comments left by some Chicago Bears fans may have fallen short of anything remotely resembling taste, it is far from bullying.  Ms. Collins wore the uniform of a perceived enemy to the given demographic, therefore she put herself in a position.

The internet is a big place, and much in the same way also am I not above criticism (one of these days I’m going to show you guys all the hate mail I receive), and when dealing with a worldwide medium of communication this sort of thing can only be expected.

Right, wrong, or indifferent; there will always be those who don’t think you’re as great as you do.  When confronted with that fact and to simply cry that you are being “bullied” will only invite more cruelty.

Do not piranhas and sharks alike strike when there is blood in the water?  Then what makes one think that the attacks should subside when one appears to be wounded?

When confronted with what one perceives to be a bully, our kids need to learn that they have 2 choices: fight back and win, or roll over and die.

When someone calls out for someone else’s 1st amendment rights be curbed because those individuals self expression is bothering them, then the problem truly only lies with them.  This is America, and when people start taking that stance on opinions that bother them, they are making others throughout the world, who also have access to the same websites laugh at us.

In the world view we look like a bunch of sissies, and I for one am bothered by that.