Feel-Good Story Of The Day: Brave ARMED Daddy Puts Down 2 Of 3 Armed Bad Guys Who Broke Into His Family’s Home!

Posted on February 19, 2013


Virginia (The Gaslamp Post) – A father said that the two men found shot dead at his rural Prince Edward residence didn’t belong there to begin with.  When three armed intruders forced their way into his home at around 4:30 am this past Sunday, only one managed to escape with his life.

According to WTVR-TV, the man and his two-year-old son were asleep when he was awoken by a crash coming from somewhere inside of his home.  He reportedly grabbed a handgun and left his bedroom to investigate.

A sign of the intruders attempting to gain entry to the man’s home. Image Wayne Covil

The twenty-five-year-old father made his way out of his room, through his hallway, and then found the source of the crash; three armed men in his living room.  The intruders reportedly had forced their way into his home through the front door.

The room instantly erupted into a firefight which lasted about a minute, according to the report.  One of the intruders was killed in the exchange while the other two were able to flee the hail of bullets unleashed by dad.

A bullet hole from the violent exchange. Image Wayne Covil.

A second intruder was only able to make it to the lawn before he hit the dirt for the last time.  The third intruder was able to escape and is presently at large.

The man’s young son was unharmed during the exchange.

The emergency exit used by two of the intruders. Image Wayne Covil.

According to WWBT-TV, a police K-9 unit was able to pick up and follow the scent but the trail reportedly went cold after a quarter mile.  Sheriff’s deputies believe the suspect left the scene in a vehicle.

The father stated that he did not know the men who forced their way into his home and exchanged shots with him, and has since taken his family away out of fear that the survivor may return for some payback.

Prince Edwards Sheriff’s office has released no details about the identities of the dead suspects.  Virginia State Police has confirmed that this is an ongoing investigation.

(h/t:  The Blaze)