Drunken Man Pulled Over On Highway For Cart-Jacking Walmart Scooter

Posted on February 21, 2013


Indiana (The Gaslamp Post) – Police on the night shift are treated to all sorts of oddities that their counterparts on the day shift may not normally see.  It’s not everyday, or night rather, that officers pull someone over driving north in a southbound lane of a highway, in stolen a Walmart scooter.

27-year-old Marcus Earl Degraphenreed was pulled over by a Johnson County Sheriff’s deputy at 3:49 am this morning when he saw the small motorized scooter being driven on the highway.  The deputy noticed that Degraphenreed seemed a bit out of sorts and had glassy eyes, so he subjected him to a field sobriety test which he subsequently failed.

Marcus Degraphenreed

Marcus Degraphenreed. Image Johnson County Sheriff.

After noticing the sign on the Walmart scooter (which are usually reserved for disabled customers) that read “in-store use only,” the deputy asked Degraphenreed where he had obtained his nice new ride.  Degraphenreed only replied that he had found it.

He was placed under arrest and charged with theft and driving under the influence.  He was taken to the hospital for observation while the scooter was returned to it’s store.

(h/t:  IndyStar)

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