Cop Facing Child Sex Assault Charges After “Romantic Relationship”, Shacking Up With 14-Year-Old Boy!

Posted on February 27, 2013


Wisconsin (The Gaslamp Post) – A police lieutenant with the Mount Horeb Police Department had been ordered released from custody on a signature bond after being arrested and charged with repeated sexual assault of a 14-year-old boy whom he invited to live with him.

Mount Horeb Police Lt. Dennis Jenks was released from custody this past Friday but is due back in court on March 25, 2013.

Mount Horeb police Lt. Dennis Jenks. Image WSAW-TV.

According to, Jenks had met the boy in an online chat room last August, and had met him in person in September.  He invited the boy to move in with him in October after he had told Officer Jenks that he had been kicked out of the home of some relatives where he had been staying.

Jenks admitted to investigators that he had “concerns” about the boy’s age, but insists that the boy told him that he was 18.  “The defendant did admit he had concerns about the victim’s age but didn’t resolve them,” said Assistant District Attorney Jessica Swain.

The boy also admitted to investigators that he had lied about his age to Jenks.

“I was kind of like hesitant, but he told me he was a cop so I trusted him,” the boy told police, according to the complaint.

But there was confusion over the boy’s age. He said he told Jenks he was 18 and gave him a different first name, “cause I don’t want him to look me up, he’s a cop and if I told him I was 14 he would be like, ‘Why would I wanna hang out with this little kid?'”

The boy, however, described Jenks as his “best friend” and tearfully told police that he loved Jenks.

Jenks reportedly told investigators that he confronted the boy about his age repeatedly until he finally broke down and admitted how old he was.  According to the criminal complaint, Jenks “no longer wanted to be in a romantic relationship” with the boy, and but still wanted to be a mentoring “father figure” to him.

Lt. Jenks wearing a “suicide prevention” vest in court as he converses with his public defender in court on Feb. 15, 2013. Image / Dane County Court.

Officer Jenks has been suspended from the department and was ordered to have no further contact with the boy.  He was also ordered to have no access to weapons, but may be permitted to have them should his status with his department change.

He is also ordered to have no contact with any minors unsupervised, until that time.