Is A Major University Threatening Action Against A Student For ‘INTIMIDATING’ Her Alleged Rapist?

Posted on February 27, 2013


Ordinarily I’d be hesitant at jumping at some broad crying rape over some bs, but this girl convinced me that she’s getting the gears put to her.  If this was my daughter, I’d kick the $#!T out of that dean…  But that’s me…  – tglp

North Carolina (Erica Ritz-The Blaze) – A sophomore at the University of North Carolina claims she’s facing disciplinary action by the school after speaking out about her alleged rapist, a fellow student on campus and her ex-boyfriend.

Landen Gambill was one of 64 students named in a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights filed by the former University of North Carolina assistant dean of students and four students claiming the university pressured officials into underreporting cases of sexual assault.

UNC Student Landen Gambill Claims PUnishment her for Intimidating Her Rapist

Landen Gambill

Now Gambill says that, in publicizing her story and speaking to the press, UNC claims she’s “intimidating” her rapist and violating the school’s honor code.

She purportedly wrote this message on Facebook after receiving the violation alert, explaining her situation:

UNC Student Landen Gambill Claims PUnishment her for Intimidating Her Rapist

The Huffington Post was able to speak with Gambill and the school about the allegations:

“Obviously, I’m afraid. I never meant to make anyone mad at me [by speaking out],” Gambill told HuffPost. “I’m mostly surprised at just how crazy it is, that they’re willing to charge me with something just because my rapist is feeling uncomfortable.”

UNC spokesperson Susan Hudson said in an email the university couldn’t comment about specifics in Gambill’s case because of federal privacy laws, but Hudson insisted this was in no way retaliation by the university.

Student attorneys general have the discretion to choose which cases should be considered by the court, Hudson said, and administrators “may not encourage or prevent” them from filing charges in a case. “Given that these charging decisions are made by student attorneys general and not by campus administrators, a claim of retaliation by the university would be without merit,” Hudson said.

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