AG Eric Holder On Terrorism: It Could Be Worse HERE Than Overseas!

Posted on March 1, 2013


Washington D.C. (The Gaslamp Post) – Attorney General Eric Holder has been the walking punchline to a 4-year-long bad joke on the topic of anything lawful or just.  The man who brought us Fast and Furious, refused to release documents about the muslim brotherhood’s operations in the U.S., and also hid what he knew about the now disgraced former CIA director, General Petraeus has told ABC News that he has a hard time sleeping at night because of domestic terrorism.

eric holder testifying 001 feat

According to AG Holder, Americans have become “complacent” to the very real threat of a possibility of a terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

“I still worry at night,” the U.S. attorney general told ABC’s Pierre Thomas in a wide-ranging, exclusive interview on Wednesday.

“I’m concerned about whether or not we have done all that we can to ensure that every threat has been adequately examined, that we put up our defenses in appropriate ways,” Holder said. “So, yeah, I still go to bed worried at night.”

Poor AG Eric Holder, laying in bed all night, tossing and turning, sick with worry in his home protected by armed guards in a gated community that none of us will never be able to live in.  What is he to do?  How is he going to keep us safe?

What, with that whole sequestration thing and all…

Al-Qaeda is not the same Al-Qaeda that they were a mere 4 years ago, says AG Holder.  Now they’ve spread out and there’s a very real chance that they could pose a danger to Americans here on the home front.

The nation’s top law enforcer worries that Americans could become “complacent” about the threat of terrorism, even as the FBI has thwarted not only international plots, but homegrown terrorists that Holder called “a very serious threat.”

“I worry a little that the American people, from the general population, has become a little complacent that we don’t understand or realize that the threats are still real, that the danger is out there, is still tangible, that we still have to be as vigilant as we need to be,” Holder said.

“Complacent” he said…  The American people have become complacent and we do not understand or realize that the danger is out there.  “We have to be as vigilant as we need to be.”

Oh that’s right, we’re all stupid and they know better on how to protect us than we do.  We need them…

In a time where firearms are flying off the shelves and guns sales are through the roof, does anyone honestly think Americans have become complacent?  Does an ammunition shortage in the United States sound like Americans somehow forgot that danger is out there?

We can’t seem to close our borders, the president has halted illegal alien deportations, we have no clue who the hell is coming into the country let alone their whereabouts, and now the Department of Homeland Security is releasing detained illegal aliens back onto the streets because of cutbacks in funding (guns and butter, kids… basic economics) – and THIS CLOWN says he’s worried?


The Attorney General wants you to believe that you are in such grave danger of a domestic, home-grown terrorist attack, but forget all about the thousands of guns he sent into Mexico to arm the drug cartels and that he intentionally hid information about the activities of the muslim brotherhood on American soil.

Hey, you guys remember former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, right?  Wasn’t her Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin (wife of Rep. Anthony Weiner) tied to the muslim brotherhood?  Nothing says radical islam infiltrating our government like a compromised official; VOTE HILLARY IN 2016 IDIOTS!!!!!

Huma Abedin follows closely behind her boss, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Image World Net Daily.

And we wonder how Al-Queada figured out where the safe house was in Benghazi.  C’mon people…

During his tenure as attorney general, federal authorities have thwarted numerous terrorist plots hatched within the U.S., and Holder told ABC News that the threat of homegrown plots warrants as much attention as international terrorism. In December, the FBI arrested two Florida brothers, Raees Alam and Sheheryar Alam Qazi, alleging they had sought to obtain explosives and carry out a terrorist attack in New York City.

The two were charged with conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction and conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists.

Well dang, THAT’S some fine police work right there!  Find a couple of idiots, send in undercovers posing as terrorists, talk them into blowing something up, give them plans and materials that they think are bombs, take them to the scene, put the stuff in their hands, and then arrest them when they try to set off a bag of play-doh.

Raees Alam and Sheheryar Alam Qazi.

YEAH!!!!!  We got em!!!!!  WOOOO HOOO!!!!!  We got the terrorists folks, now just move along, nothing to see here.  Let’s celebrate solving a problem that we created.  Anyone else remember the 5 idiots who they paraded around as “occupiers” who were going to supposedly blow up a bridge in Ohio last year?

The 5 alleged “terrorists” who attempted to blow up a bridge with bogus materials provided by the FBI. Image Weaselzippers

To look at them, it would be a miracle if any of them could figure out how to successfully operate a light switch let alone carry out a successful operation using military grade ordinance.  Thanks for playing…

It never ceases to amaze me, the gullibility of Americans these days.  The talking, lit up, flashing idiot box said it was so; and we sit there and buy it (yeah because it’s the stuff on the internet that isn’t true).

Folks, let’s just call this what it is; bullshit.  AG Holder is now all of a sudden afraid to sleep at night because we have terrorists hatching innumerable plots against us on our soil, and he can’t possibly catch all of them?

We’re broke, spending ourselves and our prosperity into the poor house, so that we can feed and house anyone who either won’t get off their butt, or comes here illegally and dumps out a baby within our borders.  On top of that, we argue over what “social” programs should stay and which should go.

There’s a nonsense gun-debate going on (which is ridiculous, there is NO debating the 2nd Amendment), where we have elected incompetence telling us what we should use to defend ourselves and our homes and families, who then decide that police need anti-personnel mine proof armored vehicles for traffic duty.


Yeah it’s the corporate welfare that’s sinking us…  Keep telling yourself that Karl Marx.

I’ll buy into the whole domestic terrorism nonsense when I see them actually bust a terrorist.  So far in this past year I’ve seen documents calling Tea Party patriots and constitutionalists “potential terrorists.”  I’ve read papers that if not them, then it’s our returning veterans (who risked their lives for this country) who now can’t be trusted.

I will believe that we truly have a “domestic terrorism” problem when I see a real target get hit.  When they want to prop up those who truly love their country as the bad guys, then it would only stand to reason that they would target things which are against their country.

When I start seeing TSA checkpoints shot up or DHS units targeted (heck, maybe even a couple politicians or bureaucrats), maybe then I’ll buy that whole bit about us having all of these domestic terrorists running around.  Until then Holder should invest in some Sominex, and try some warm milk.

TSA agents

Maybe then he won’t have difficulty sleeping due to a problem that not only he created, but apparently isn’t capable of doing anything about.

(h/t:  ABC News)