Mother Of The Year Award Candidate Arrested After 10-Year-Old Found Wandering Around, Drunk And Naked

Posted on March 3, 2013


Florida (WTSP-TV Tampa) – A Spring Hill mother was arrested and faces child neglect charges after deputies say her 10 year old son was found walking in the street, naked and drunk.

A couple out walking their dog stumbled across 31-year-old Nedra  Byrd’s son Thursday at 7:30 p.m. They took the boy to Amanda Roesch’s home. She and her husband know the little boy because he’s been over at their home many times before.

Nedra Byrd

Nedra Byrd

Amanda says, “They brought him here. We have kids that go to school with him.”

The Hernando County Sheriff’s office was called and detectives say when they arrived at the boy’s home his mother didn’t open the door. A man named James Shannon opened up and said he thought the child was in his room. Byrd they say was passed out on the couch and appeared drunk.

When she came to they say she too said she thought her son was in his room. When asked if she’d been drinking she reportedly said “Yeah. I’m drunk as hell.”

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