Navy VET Writes Down Names On Wall Of ALL 2,200 U.S. Service Members Killed In Afghanistan After COMMITTING THEM TO MEMORY!

Posted on March 3, 2013


Ron White, of Fort Worth, Texas, is on a mission to tour America and share the names of all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice since the conflict began in 2001. White, who’s skilled at memorizing names, says he wants people not to forget about the fallen.

Texas (Erik Ortiz-New York Daily News) – It’s a memorable tribute to the fallen.

Ron White, a Texas man with an extraordinary talent, has memorized the names of more than 2,200 American service members killed in Afghanistan since the conflict began more than 11 years ago.

And to pay quiet homage to them, he’s embarking on a U.S. tour to write their names on a 50-foot-long dry-erase-board during each stop.


He debuted the amazing feat at Fort Worth’s Burnett Park last week, captivating onlookers as he listed the dead by chronological order on dry-erase panels imitating the Vietnam Wall.

“I’m choked by the reaction of it all,” White, 39, told the Daily News on Sunday.

“I had the park reserved for two days, and I was mentally, emotionally and physically drained. Then I went to take down the wall on Thursday night,” he continued. “I had no idea people were coming back and were putting flowers there.”


White, a former Navy intelligence specialist who toured Afghanistan in 2007, has made a name for himself as a so-called brain athlete and memory champion. He’s appeared on national TV and holds seminars on memory building.

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