Here We Go: “Moms” Group Demands That Lawmakers DO SOMETHING About Gun Violence

Posted on March 5, 2013


South Carolina (The Gaslamp Post) – As the dust is finally beginning to settle and rationale is finally beginning to return nationwide to the topic of addressing gun violence, yet another group is attempting to put pressure on lawmakers in order to do something.  While it is unclear what more a lawmaker, or group of lawmakers could do to stop a problem, short of making something more illegal than it already is, we’re again trying the what-about-the-children strategy.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a grass-roots campaign which is demanding “common sense” gun laws in America, held a rally recently in Colombia, South Carolina.  The group of “moms” is trying to turn up the heat on state lawmakers as they debate legislation which would allow concealed carry permit holders to legally carry a concealed weapon into restaurants, and another which requires state authorities to provide mental health flags on anyone ruled to have a mental health issue to the feds.


They’re still trying to ride the wave from the Newtown, Connecticut massacre.

According to The State, guest speakers included representatives from Colombia Mayor Steven Benjamin’s office, as well as a mother who lost a child to a gun crime perpetrated by an assailant with a stolen gun.  Stealing is illegal, killing is illegal; how another law that will make stealing something and killing someone with it will prevent another death defies both logic and reason.

One of the mothers in attendance will be Joanne Hafter, who has been an advocate for gun control since her daughter Lizzie was murdered in 2006 while attending graduate school at the University of Virginia.

Specifically, Hafter wants to pass Lizzie’s Law which would require guns to be reported as missing within 24 hours from them being lost or stolen. The person who shot Hafter’s daughter was in possession of such a weapon.

The rally, whose numbers in attendance have yet to be determined, featured similar themes of those who did show up.

Erin Dando of Greenville leads the South Carolina chapter. She has three children under the age of 10 and has been building a grassroots network for the last two months.

“I knew that gun violence plagues our nation every day, but it didn’t really hit home until after Sandy Hook.”

Also attending the rally was Gina Richards. She has four children—three girls and a boy. The girls attend Ashley Hall School where a woman named Alice Boland pointed a gun at teachers last month. Richards daughters were among the students who were kept in lockdown inside the school.

The incident spurred Richards to get involved. “It was horrifying and it could have been much worse,” Richards said. “Had the laws of this state been tighter Alice Boland would not have been able to get a gun.”

What seems to be escaping these mothers is the fact that their running theme is to blame the instrument rather than blaming the individual.  Although their hearts are in the right place, the mental collective is obviously missing something.

Yes of course they want anyone with a mental health issue to be prevented from legally obtaining a firearm, but in the case of Mr. Lanza the Newtown shooter, he had already been denied the legal purchase of a firearm.  The firearms he had used belonged to someone else.

Over a month ago during a public hearing held in Connecticut, one Mr. Henson Ong, a legal immigrant had testified before a panel of law makers as to his views of gun-control legislation.  According to Mr. Ong, to put the part apart from the actor, and put this all on the scarey weapon is frivolous.

“Forgive me, English is not my first language. I am a legal immigrant and I am an American by choice,” he began, prompting applause from the audience.

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity to express my opinion and give my testimony in opposition to the majority of the proposed bills, which do nothing to deter future crimes,” he added. “Gun control doesn’t work.”

Legal Immigrant Henson Ong Takes Bold Stand Against Gun Control During Public Hearing in Connecticut

Mr. Henson Ong

Ong then launched into a impassioned diatribe about what he considers to be the real problem fueling gun gun violence — “societal decay.”

“Your own history is replete with high school rifle teams, boy scout marksmanship merit badges,” he explained. “You could buy rifles at hardware stores, you could order them… your country was awash in readily available firearms and ammunition, and yet in your past you did not have mass school shootings*.”

“What changed?” he asked. “It was not that the availability of guns suddenly exploded or increased, it actually was decreased. What changed was societal decay,” he added, resulting in more applause.

“Societal decay,” said Mr. Ong.  The observation made by an outsider who came here believing in the greatness that our nation once had, didn’t require alot of time to figure out what went wrong.

We’re rotting out from the inside, and it’s starting to show.  Work hard?  Why bother when someone else will foot our bill.

Raise our children?  Why bother when we can just shove a video game controller into their hands, put them in soccer, daycare, and put them on meds when they act up.

Keep a marriage together?  Why bother when a broad can just use a bs anti-violence against women law to remove hubby from the home for no reason, put him in handcuffs, classes, and make him pay to support mommy, kiddies, and mommy’s new boyfriend?

Take responsibility for poor life choices (in the name of female liberation) like getting knocked up after a line of one-night-stands?  Why bother when you can just take your butt to the Planned Parenthood office and get your tax-payer funded, low-cost or no cost abortion?

Do you see where I’m going with this?

It is ironic that many moms in our society, who do anything but actually parent and hold themselves accountable, now want to take a stance on gun control in the name of keeping kids alive.  We’re doing this to save the children, why won’t someone please think about the children?

While that does tug at the heartstrings; when the modus operandai is put to the test, it fails the litmus.  No matter what kind of box you cram dog shit into, you can’t convince someone that poo is cornflakes…

American women have demanded more rights without having to take responsibility for any of them.  They want all of the ability without any of the discipline required attain it.

When it becomes legislated that they are afforded every possible safety net to safeguard themselves from their own poor choices, and nothing is anyone’s fault – it just happened – is it any surprise that the offspring they birth and do such a poor job of raising, grow up to do things like this?

Yes, I’m saying what you think I am; I’m putting this on mom.

Forget about the guns; who raised the jerks to begin with?  That is my question.

Say what you want; my kid’s father was a drunk, abusive, ran around on us, did this, did that…  Honey, who got on her back for him?

At what point did that drunk, abusive, bastard seem like the man of your dreams?  Or didn’t you think that far ahead?

Oh wait let me guess; you’re liberated and free, and you can do anything a man can do…  You’ve come a long way baby.  So on one hand we have female brains saying that unless they can kill the baby in their womb that their rights are being denied them, and on the other, if laws aren’t put in place to keep law abiding citizens at bay then their children are in danger?

Am I missing something?

I imagine I will receive some hate mail over this, and quite frankly I welcome it.  Yes, I’m blaming moms for school shootings.

It is you who tied men’s hands in the name of letting you take the reigns.  You ran off your men, ruined their lives, looked for his replacement yet failing time and time again, and thus screwed up your kids.  Well we tried it your way, now here you go.

When Johnny is upset, you try to be his friend.  When he won’t be quiet or pay attention, you put him on some drug to make him easier to manage.  When he feels bad because he lost, you give him a trophy anyways.

You raise the child to have unrealistic expectations about their roles in life and in society, and then when it all comes crashing down because of your misguidance – you DARE to blame an inanimate object, or a condition, or anything else but what you did to screw up that person.heroes demotivational

Don’t blame guns for the actions of some piece of crap, and don’t hide behind your children when you realize that there are things in life that are beyond your control.  Someone had to raise that guy.  Many people own guns, and the vast majority of them have never and will never harm another human being.

When you take that stance, your incompetence shines through.

For those of you ladies out there who are nothing like what has been described earlier; my apologies.  Don’t crab to me, take it up with the troublemakers and catastrophists among your ranks who are giving you a bad name.

Many Americans see through the smokescreen and are growing weary of nothing being anyone’s fault.  We tire of our individual sovereignty being sacrificed upon the altar of the greater good – which often times means for the greater good of those who can’t or won’t do for themselves.

My God-given rights are not up for debate, regardless of how many boogy-men your little brains conjure up.

More laws and more action from government will not do a darn thing to stop gun violence, especially when it is directed at those who are already obeying the law.  What we should be doing is working on raising our kids based on reality and merit, as opposed to self-esteem and trophies.

When there is no consequences, either demonstrated by our parents or enacted upon our children, how can we hope to end irrational actions with a dangerous weapon?  What good are we doing by negating consequences in favor of padding them from the harshness of life?

Setting our children up for failure later, because we’re either too lazy or preoccupied with our own lives is soulless.

Blaming a firearm for own personal shortcommings is akin to blaming cars for drunk driving, pencils for spelling mistakes, and spoons for Rosie O’Donnell being fat.