GASLAMP POST EXCLUSIVE (Reader’s Choice): Illinois Sneaking Assault Weapons Ban Through One House Of State Government – Terrifying Implications For The Rest Of The Country!

Posted on March 6, 2013


Illinois (The Gaslamp Post) Credit to Gaslamp Post reader Keith for the tip on this story – A very quiet bill is sneaking it’s way through the Illinois State General Assembly and actually made it through Congress yesterday.  In a vote of 58 to 10, 6 amendments to the Illinois Assault Weapons Act (HB1156) passed the state House of Representatives, which will now make owning anything determined to be an “assault-style” weapon or a magazine holding more than 10 rounds a FELONY.

Hey Illinois, did you hear anything about this?

Hey America, pay attention because THIS is how the jackasses in Washington are going to do it to the rest of us as well!

Yesterday the Illinois State House voted to approve 6 amendments pursuant to their bill which bans the purchase, transfer, possession, transportation, delivery, or reception of a semi-automatic “assault weapon.”  In addition it also includes criminalizing any and all “attachments” for said “assault weapons.”

Provides that beginning on the effective date of the Act, it is unlawful for any person within the State to knowingly deliver, transfer, sell, receive, or purchase a semi-automatic assault weapon or an attachment for that weapon. Provides that beginning 300 days after the effective date of the Act, it is unlawful for any person within the State to knowingly possess a semi-automatic assault weapon or an attachment for that weapon.

What exactly is an “attachment” for an “assault weapon” and what exactly is an “assault weapon” according to the state of Illinois?  According to 720 ILCS 5/24-2, an “assault weapon” is anything that appears to be “military-style”, that can accept an “attachment”, and / or can deliver more than 10 rounds without changing a magazine.

A firearm which someone in Illinois lawfully purchased today, will soon be a felony to own should this bill make it through the state Senate.

Under this bill, the mere possession of a magazine which holds more than 10 rounds constitutes a Class 2 felony.  In Illinois, possessing a piece of tin which can hold more than 10 bullets will soon be an offense akin to arson, and be punishable by up to 7 years in prison and a $25,000 fine.

Adds Section making it unlawful to knowingly deliver, sell, receive, transfer, or purchase or cause to be delivered, sold, received, transferred, or purchased a semi-automatic assault weapon or semi-automatic assault weapon attachment on or after the effective date of the Illinois Assault Weapons Act. Beginning 300 days after the effective date of that Act, makes it unlawful to knowingly possess a semi-automatic assault weapon or semi-automatic assault weapon attachment. Defines semi-automatic assault weapon and semi-automatic assault weapon attachment and excludes certain weapons. Adds Section making it unlawful to deliver, sell, receive, transfer, or purchase or cause to be delivered, sold, received, transferred, or purchased a semi-automatic assault weapon attachment

semi-automatic rifle or pistol with a fixed magazine that has the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds of ammunition. Defines semi-automatic assault weapon, semi-automatic assault weapon attachment, .50 caliber rifle, and .50 caliber cartridge and excludes certain weapons. Provides penalties. Adds Section providing exemptions from the prohibitions on weapons and attachments for persons and activities.

In Illinois, possessing a .50 caliber BULLET will get you more jail time than a small bag of cocaine!

While it can be debated back-and-forth as to what makes a rifle appear to be military-style, what cannot be debated are the votes which were cast, or not cast rather; which saw this tyrannical piece of pathetic legislation pass.

Since the Illinois General Elections are right around the corner, Uncle Gaslamp feels it is his patriotic duty to alert the good people of the great State of Illinois as to which one of their elected jerks actually voted in favor of this crap.  Below is a list, according to, of who voted in favor of disarming and criminalizing their citizens.

The following 58 state representatives of the 98th General Assembly are in favor of disarming their constituents, but thought they’d be able to do it without anyone knowing about it.  Illinois, now you know who to vote OUT!

Representatives District
Edward Acevedo (D) 2
Luis Arroyo (D) 3
Maria Berrios (D) 39
John Bradley (D) 117
Daniel Burke (D) 1
Kelly Burke (D) 36
Kelly Cassidy (D) 14
Linda Chapa LaVia (D) 83
Deborah Conroy (D) 46
Fred Crespo (D) 44
Barbra Currie (D) 25
John D’Amico (D) 15
Monique Davis (D) 27
William Davis (D) 30
Scott Drury (D) 58
Kenneth Dunkin (D) 5
Marcus Evans Jr. (D) 33
Keith Farnham (D) 43
Sara Feigenholtz (D) 12
Laura Fine (D) 17
Mary Flowers (D) 31
La Shawn Ford (D) 8
Jack Franks (D) 63
Robyn Gabel (D) 18
Esther Golar (D) 6
Greg Harris (D) 13
Elizabeth Hernandez (D) 24
Frances Hurley (D) 35
Naomi Jakobsen (D) 103
Charles Jefferson (D) 67
Thaddeus Jones (D) 29
Stephanie Kifowit (D) 84
Lou Lang (D) 16
Camille Lilly (D) 78
Natalie Manley (D) 98
Michael Madigan (D) 22
Robery Martwick (D) 19
Rita Mayfield (D) 60
Emily McAsey (D) 85
Deborah Mell (D) 40
Christian Mitchell (D) 26
Martin Moylan (D) 55
Michelle Mussman (D) 56
Elaine Nekritz (D) 57
Al Riley (D) 38
Carol Sente (D) 59
Elgie Sims Jr. (D) 34
Derrick Smith (D) 10
Cynthia Soto (D) 4
Silvana Tabares (D) 21
Andre Thapedi (D) 32
Arthur Turner (D) 9
Lawrence Walsh Jr. (D) 86
Emanuel Welch (D) 7
Ann Williams (D) 11
Kathleen Willis (D) 77
Sam Yingling (D) 62
Michael Zalewski (D) 23

The obvious item here is that the vote in favor of criminalizing law abiding citizens who up until now had done no wrong, is that all 58 “yea” voters in President Obama’s (supposed) home state were democrats.

The following state representatives voted either no or refused to vote on the matter period.  It would be wise to take note of their votes and use that information when you choose your lawmakers in the upcoming state election.

Representatives District Vote
Daniel Beiser (D) 111 N
Patricia Bellock ( R) 47 NV
Mike Bost ( R) 115 NV
Dan Brady ( R) 105 NV
Rich Brauer ( R) 87 NV
Adam Brown ( R) 102 NV
John Cabello ( R) 68 NV
John Cavaletto ( R) 107 NV
Katherine Cloonen (D) 79 N
Jerry Castello II (D) 116 N
Tom Cross ( R) 97 NV
Anthony DeLuca (D) 80 NV
Tom Demmer ( R) 90 NV
Jim Durkin ( R) 82 NV
Mike Fortner ( R) 49 NV
Jehan Gordon-Booth (D) 92 NV
Brad Halbrook ( R) 110 NV
Norine Hammond ( R) 93 NV
Josh Harms ( R) 106 NV
David Harris ( R) 53 NV
Kay Hatcher ( R) 50 NV
Chad Hays ( R) 104 NV
Jay Hoffman (D) 113 N
Jeanne Ives ( R) 42 NV
Eddie Jackson Sr. (D) 114 N
Dwight Kay ( R) 112 NV
David Leitch ( R) 73 NV
Frank Mautino (D) 76 N
Michael McAuliffe ( R) 20 NV
David McSweeny ( R) 52 NV
Charles Meier ( R) 108 NV
Bill Mitchell ( R) 101 NV
Donald Moffitt ( R) 74 NV
Thomas Morrison ( R) 54 NV
JoAnn Osmond ( R) 61 NV
Brandon Phelps (D) 118 N
Sandra Pihos ( R) 48 NV
Raymond Poe ( R) 99 NV
Robert Pritchard ( R) 70 NV
Dennis Roboletti ( R) 45 NV
David Reis ( R) 109 NV
Robert Rita (D) 28 NV
Wayne Rosenthal ( R) 95 NV
Pam Roth ( R) 75 NV
Jim Sacia ( R) 89 NV
Ron Sandack ( R) 81 NV
Sue Scherer (D) 96 N
Timothy Schmitz ( R) 65 NV
Darlene Senger ( R) 41 NV
Mike Smiddy (D) 71 N
Joe Sosnowski ( R) 69 NV
Ed Sullivan Jr. ( R) 51 NV
Jil Tracy ( R) 94 NV
Michael Tryon ( R) 66 NV
Michael Unes ( R) 91 NV
Patrick Verschoore (D) 72 N
Barbara Wheeler ( R) 64 NV

This compiled list shows both republicans as well as democrats on some sort of bipartisan level could come together and do what is right for their state.  The list above illustrates that regardless of party affiliation, your elected officials will do what is right when something serious comes along.

Oh wait, no it doesn’t…

If we take a quick look at that list again, we see that not a single republican voted NO in response to the bill and it’s amendments yesterday.  Taking a quick peek, they unanimously refused to vote; they refused to take a stand.

The 10 “no” votes came from democrats ONLY.  It doesn’t take the mathematical ability of a 6-year-old to see that the either “no” or “not voting” totals came in just under 1 vote.


58 jackasses voted in favor of this piece of crap – and 47 refused to support the other 10 who voted NO!!!  Those 47 GOP backed morons refused to vote on the matter!!!

How the hell can you REFUSE to vote?  Is that NOT why they were put there to begin with?  Had they stood together and voted NO, this bill would have died on the House floor yesterday, but instead they chose to cover their butts.

How so?

As I mentioned before, the Illinois General Elections are coming up, and right now gun control is a hot-button issue in that state.  Rather than take a stand for their constituents they chose to not be in the cross-hairs of the left-leaning anti-gunners in the state.

By not voting, the smear commercials wouldn’t be able to say that they voted in favor of contributing to the problems felt in Chicago with their extreme gun violence.  Unfortunately, once again the GOP shot themselves in their proverbial foot.

This should serve as a warning to the rest of us throughout the country as we fight to defend our 2nd Amendment rights nationwide.  As the democrats slowly realize what the extreme left has done to their party and begin to inch themselves away from the president, the establishment GOP thinks they need to be more like the leftists if they wish to win elections.

What is being seen in Illinois right now – which is already the most repressive state in America when it comes to firearms ownership – I assure you we will see play out on the big stage coming up.  Watch for republicans to change their tune when it comes to gun control.  They won’t risk their job by taking a stand for what their voters want.

Illinois, you have ONE chance and one chance only if you wish to preserve your 2nd Amendment rights; you need to get ahold of your state Senators and tell them to vote NO on this.  If you don’t and you continue to do nothing, you might as well just hang it up and welcome the coming police state and the increase of violent home invasions that always follow after the government disarms the law abiding.

Illinois, you guys need to get ahold of your state Senators RIGHT NOW and tell them that your 2nd Amendment rights are not up for debate.  The clowns you elected to represent you in the General Assembly think they pulled a fast one and you’re none the wiser.

America, this exact thing will happen in Washington unless we do the same on the federal level.

Senator District Party
Pamela J. Althoff 32 R
Jason A. Barickman 53 R
Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant 49 D
Daniel Biss 9 D
Tim Bivins 45 R
William E. Brady 44 R
Melinda Bush 31 D
James F. Clayborne, Jr. 57 D
Jacqueline Y. Collins 16 D
Michael Connelly 21 R
John J. Cullerton 6 D
Thomas Cullerton 23 D
Bill Cunningham 18 D
William Delgado 2 D
Kirk W. Dillard 24 R
Dan Duffy 26 R
Gary Forby 59 D
Michael W. Frerichs 52 D
William R. Haine 56 D
Don Harmon 39 D
Napoleon Harris, III 15 D
Michael E. Hastings 19 D
Linda Holmes 42 D
Mattie Hunter 3 D
Toi W. Hutchinson 40 D
Mike Jacobs 36 D
Emil Jones, III 14 D
David Koehler 46 D
Dan Kotowski 28 D
Darin M. LaHood 37 R
Steven M. Landek 12 D
Kimberly A. Lightford 4 D
Terry Link 30 D
David S. Luechtefeld 58 R
Andy Manar 48 D
Iris Y. Martinez 20 D
Wm. Sam McCann 50 R
Kyle McCarter 54 R
Karen McConnaughay 33 R
Pat McGuire 43 D
Julie A. Morrison 29 D
John G. Mulroe 10 D
Antonio Muñoz 1 D
Matt Murphy 27 R
Michael Noland 22 D
Jim Oberweis 25 R
Christine Radogno 41 R
Kwame Raoul 13 D
Sue Rezin 38 R
Dale A. Righter 55 R
Chapin Rose 51 R
Martin A. Sandoval 11 D
Ira I. Silverstein 8 D
Steve Stadelman 34 D
Heather A. Steans 7 D
John M. Sullivan 47 D
Dave Syverson 35 R
Donne E. Trotter 17 D
Patricia Van Pelt 5 D

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, both sides are in on the gag.

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