Woman’s Butt Inadvertently Dials 911 During Drug Deal

Posted on March 12, 2013


Oregon (The Gaslamp Post) – You would think that 911 operators have heard it all.  Shows like Cops and reality TV show the play-by-play when the call comes in, the officers show up, the chase, the tackle…

*BAM* *BAM* *BAM*”…Sheriff’s office, we have a warrant, open up!!!”

Unfortunately none of that actually happened in the following story.  What did happen however was a 911 dispatcher received what was supposed to be an emergency call for help.

Rather than a typical request for emergency services, the 911 dispatcher found herself listening in on a drug deal.  Smart cops know that dumb criminals will always tell on themselves.

Last Monday at around midnight a call came in to Portland PD, but the person at the other end didn’t respond.  After a few seconds, the dispatcher who was able to listen in figured out what was happening, located the source of the E911 cell signal, and sent an officer to respond.

As it turns out, E911 (that thing on all cell phones which will lead emergency services to the source) led the responding officer to a location mere blocks away from the police station.  When the police officer located the source of the signal and the car in which a drug transaction from which it came, he couldn’t help but chuckle.

As it turns out, the customer’s butt had unwittingly dialed 911 0n their phone without their knowledge, while in the front seat of a car with their drug dealer.  Both of the suspects in the car denied having a cell phone, but upon a quick search of both, revealed the culprit phone – still connected to the 911 dispatcher.

As it turns out, the dispatcher overheard not only the illicit drug transaction, but the officer, now identified as Aaron Christopherson, as he spoke with the suspects exists.

The officer arrested Raleigh Reynolds, 25, amidst multiple drug charges after drug charges after finding methamphetamine in the vehicle, and also charged the alleged 25-year-old customer after they found the broadcasting cell phone in her back pocket.

(h/t:  Newsobserver)