ARE YOU SERIOUS???? Public School Teacher Subjects 3rd Graders To LIE DETECTOR TEST?

Posted on March 13, 2013


Virginia (Mark Kelly-WSET-TV) – Some parents and even the PTO President at Dearington Elementary School are very upset with a teacher. They allege that one of the third grade teachers subjected her classroom of kids to a lie detector test after candy went missing.

Dearington’s been making headlines all week. Tuesday, ABC 13 reported that the principal at Dearington was demoted; Wednesday, this lie detector test. But we want to be very clear, this alleged lie detector incident happened before the principal at Dearington was demoted. In fact, it happened almost one month ago on Valentine’s Day.

Some Dearington parents, including PTO President Kelly Brown-Hampton, say one teacher at Dearington Elementary school should lose her job.

“She needs to be let go; she needs to be terminated,” said Brown-Hampton.

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