FACTCHECK: Smaller Capacity Magazines Mean Fewer Shots Fired In Same Amount Of Time And Give Opportunity For Shooter To Be Tackled?

Posted on March 13, 2013


Indiana (The Gaslamp Post) – A law enforcement official from Indiana recently produced the following video in which he demonstrates how ineffective reducing the number of rounds a magazine can hold is when it comes to how many rounds the shooter can deliver.  Boone County Sheriff Ken Campbell explains in his video that legislation which seeks to ban high capacity magazines will not deliver the results that it promises.

Using 2 shooters; 1 being experienced and trained, and the other not being very experienced at all, they show very little difference in the time it takes to fire 30 rounds in varying configurations.  First each shooter fires 15 shots out of 2 “high capacity” magazine, then they change to 3 – 10 round magazines, and then ultimately perform the same drill using 5 – 6 round magazines.


The next demonstration was a similar drill but performed with the grossly misunderstood AR-15.  Using the same shooters, each drill is conducted using 20 rounds.  In the first drill, each shooter empties a 20 round magazine, and then repeats the drill using 2 – 10 round magazines.  In both cases the time it took to empty the weapon were very close – so close in fact that another drill conducted put to rest the myth that having to reload more often would give opportunity for a shooter to be tackled.

With a staged individual behind the shooter, the shooter proceeded to fire and only stop when the weapon was empty.  They reloaded and continued firing.  It shows that multiple rounds were able to be fired after reloading before the staged individual was able to get within any sort of effective distance to the shooter.

One of Obama's "Useful Idiots" of which there is no shortage.

One of Obama’s “Useful Idiots” of which there is no shortage.

The conclusion?  A ban on “high capacity magazines” is worthless and will not do anything to curb a mass shooter or reduce any possible loss of life.  According to Sheriff Campbell, all it will do is make it more difficult for a law abiding citizen to be able to defend themselves.

(h/t:  CTD)