You Know Your Parental Skills Suck When: 80 Kids Arrested While Drinking At Bar!

Posted on March 17, 2013


Indiana (Jill Disis-IndyStar) – The partylike atmosphere Saturday at the Pancake House had all the fixings of a typical night out on the town: loud music, dancing, scantily clad girls and copious amounts of alcohol.

But it wasn’t typical. Instead, Indiana State Excise Police arrested 80 minors — some as young as 13 — in the large-scale raid at the Northwestside business, 8311 N. Michigan Road. Some officers say the scene is becoming more and more common in Indianapolis.

“This isn’t a case of one or two college students slipping into a bar using false IDs,” said Travis Thickstun, spokesman for the Excise Police. “This is 80 young kids out at a bar in the middle of the night on St. Patrick’s Day weekend, more than a dozen of whom were drinking alcohol.”

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