Zombie Apocalypse? Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? Crazy Zombie, Ex-Girlfriend, Apocalypse? This Product Has You Covered!

Posted on April 2, 2013


California (The Gaslamp Post) – You promised her your heart, but now she’s come back to hold you to that promise; the problem is that she’s now a zombie.  There will be those who swear that such an occurrence will never happen, but what happens when it not only does, but you haven’t prepared?

How will YOU handle coming face to face with the one who ripped your heart out and is only coming back for seconds?

Will you be prepared when she comes to take another bite out of you?

Some believe that this would be one of those things that tests a man’s metal and he won’t know until it happens.  Luckily, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Now there’s “The Ex” – the exploding ballistic ex-girlfriend zombie target that does it all!


Manufactured by Zombie Industries, “The Ex” zombie targets made from 100% biodegradable material, and are molded and hand painted to be as realistic as possible.  Each “The Ex” zombie target is guaranteed to be good for up to 1000 rounds!

According to their website The Ex is:

  • Perfect for a group outing, split with your friends, and Destroy the Undead!
  • Life-sized Zombie target BLEEDS when you shoot it!!!
  • Zombies can be shot more than 1000+ rounds of assorted calibers.
  • Biodegradable Zombie matter keeps tree huggers off your back.
  • Zombie can be reused to finish off another day.
  • Includes wood stake to mount the Zombie.
  • Printed Box with a standard shaded scoring line target on both sides to help sight in your weapon.
  • Optional ZOMBOOM! Exploding Rifle Target kit (2 Targets).
  • Made in the USA by non-infected workers!!!

What’s more – when you’ve completely blasted your Zombie Ex-Girlfriend to bits, there’s STILL MORE fun to be had.  When you’re ready to take it to the next level, Zombie Industries offers it’s patented Zoom-Boom Exploding Targets!

When you’ve emptied the magazine into your zombie ex but you’re not really sure she’s all the way gone, simply take her to a distance of no less than 100 yards and load her up with Zoom-Boom Exploding Targets.  These targets while designed to produce a mild explosion upon bullet impact, are HIGHLY SUGGESTED to be used at a distance of no less than 100 yards.

Perfect for sniper training or just kicking back with your buddies for a good laugh, The-Ex is fun all the way around.

According to ZMB:

We understand that there are many aspects of training that encompass various complimentary disciplines which go into emergency/disaster/conflict preparedness.  That’s why all our ZMB Industries’ training dummies also provide a training platform for Medical First Responders.

Marksmanship is a critical skill in today’s encounters for both Military & Law Enforcement personnel; and our training dummies provide numerous skill acquisition benefits for forward operators.  But we take training a step further by providing a universal aid that also address the aftermath.

That’s right, our 3D training dummies provide a realistic aid for teaching various emergency treatment procedures such as dealing with ballistic trauma, administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), aspiration, defibrillation, intubation and infusion.  We believe that providing the most realistic training dummies produces better trained professionals.  That’s why at ZMB Industries we are committed to creating innovative training dummies that address emergency situations both during and after horrific events.

Are you Active Military, Retired Military, Law Enforcment, Fire Fighter, NRA Member, or a member of any Gun Club?
If so, THANK YOU!!! Enter “MILNRA” at checkout for a $10.00 discount off your Zombie Purchase!!!

For more information about “The Ex” ballistic zombie target, go to Zombieindustries.com.

(h/t:  Raw Story)