Must Watch: 15-Year-Old Leaves State Lawmakers Speechless During Gun Control Debate

Posted on April 5, 2013


Maryland (The Gaslamp Post) – A high school student who is also a competition shooter recently addressed her state legislature and lectured them on the 2nd Amendment.  The young lady approached her state lawmakers with both poise and professionalism, and with facts on her side, crafted a very convincing argument.

The 15-year-old student who is on her school’s shooting team stated that her personal favorite rifle is a Bushmaster AR-15, and explained that although it has a bad reputation, the majority of gun murders are committed not with a rifle, but with handguns.  In Chicago, she explained, the majority of gun murders were not only with mere handguns, but unregistered handguns.

She then drew a comparison between Afghanistan and Chicago, and explained why the laws in that city shouldn’t be an example of what should be made law throughout the country.  As she explained it, more people have been killed by illegal handguns in Chicago in 8 years, than Americans in Afghanistan in 11.

(h/t:  The Blaze)