Armed Shop Owner Takes Down Would-Be Armed Robber Who Threatened Him And His Employee

Posted on April 8, 2013


Louisiana (The Gaslamp Post) – An 18-year-old robbery suspect is currently hospitalized with life-threatening injuries after he made the poor-life-choice to stick up his former employer.  Unfortunately for him, by the time it was all said and done, he was found about a block away, full of holes, and clinging to life.

Police say Robert McClure, an ex-employee of a New Orleans Po-Boys sandwich shop entered the business through a back door shortly before 11:30 pm this past Saturday night, armed with a stolen shotgun.  McClure was reportedly stormed in armed, wearing a mask, and dressed in dark-colored clothing according to The Times-Picayune.

Po boy robbery.JPG

McClure reportedly pointed his shotgun at a 38-year-old store employee who with his hands in the air, begged him to to shoot.  He reportedly ordered the employee away from where he was cleaning, to the front of the store.

The store owner who was counting up the store’s earnings for the day overheard some commotion, and looked around the corner to see what was going on. Once he realized what was happening, the owner retrieved his lawfully owned semi-automatic handgun, and went out to respond to his employee’s armed assailant.

Once McClure saw the owner coming at him with a gun, he reportedly tried to turn his gun on him.  Before he could finish his move, the employee grabbed the shotgun and attempted to wrestle it away.

The room instantly interrupted with gunfire and as soon as it began, it ended.  McClure reportedly ran from the store through a rear door but was found a short time later, at an intersection about one block behind the shop.

Officers and emergency medical technicians quickly responded to the scene and addressed the employee who had suffered a gun-shot wound during the incident.  He was reportedly transported to the hospital for treatment of a wound to his arm and was released.

During that same time authorities received a report of a man found at a nearby intersection, bleeding profusely from multiple gunshot wounds.  Officers responding to the scene found a man, whom they identified as McClure matching the description of the armed assailant from the sandwich shop.  Jefferson Parrish Sheriff’s deputies located the shotgun and found it was stolen from a residential burglary in 2011.

McClure is reportedly hospitalized in critical condition.  If he survives, McClure will be charged with attempted armed robbery, illegal possession of stolen firearms, as well as aggravated assault.  McClure was identified by the store’s owner as an ex-employee.