You Want Fries With That? Armed Robber At Burger King Takes Victim’s Cellphones And Some Hot Lead To Go!

Posted on April 8, 2013


Florida (The Gaslamp Post) – A robbery spree perpetrated by two criminal masterminds came to an end last Friday morning after one of the geniuses ended up shot, and the getaway vehicle ran out of gas.  Witnesses say that one of the robbers caught a bullet in the leg, as a result of robbing the wrong family at gunpoint.

It was the lunchtime rush on Friday when an armed man reportedly entered a Burger King in Miami and walked up to a family who was eating.  According to the Miami Herald, the man now identified as 36-year-old Travis Trenard Harris produced a handgun and declared his intentions toward their cellphones.

“No disrespect, but I need to take these phones,” said Harris to a family who was sitting down, enjoying lunch.  He then took the family’s cellphones and attempted to leave the premises.

Witnesses say that one of the victims, now known to have been the father of the family, stood up, drew his lawfully carried handgun, and sent bullets in the direction of the robber.  One of the bullets reportedly hit Harris in the leg, but he continued through the door and onto his awaiting get-away vehicle.


The father later stated that he feared for his family’s lives.

Outside of the restaurant sat the robber’s driver, waiting for him in a big, bright silver Ford pickup truck.  A witness who was outside of the Burger King heard the shots and immediately dialed 911.  According to CBS-Miami, the dynamic duo didn’t make it but a few blocks away, as their ride began to run out of gas.

Ramon Smalls is accused of robbery at a Miami Burger King. (Source: Miami-Dade Corrections)

Ramon Smalls. Image Miami-Dade Dept. of Corrections.

Police soon located the suspects at the gas station and placed them under arrest.  Harris and his get-away driver, 38-year-old Ramon Smalls, are also suspected of a similar robbery earlier that day, where a woman was robbed of her cellphone a few hours earlier.

Harris was transported to the hospital and was treated before being released to police.  He was charged with 3 counts of armed robbery with a firearm, after being picked out of a lineup by 2 of the victims.

Smalls was charged with strong arm robbery after police found the first victim’s cellphone in his truck.  Police say that Smalls may face additional charges in connection with the cellphone heist at the area Burger King.

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