ILLEGAL ALIEN Convicted Of Food Stamp Fraud – Gets NO JAIL TIME And Is Protected From Deportation?!?!?!?!!?!

Posted on April 9, 2013


Wisconsin (The Gaslamp Post) – An illegal alien was found guilty and convicted yesterday by a Brown County judge of defrauding taxpayers by scamming food stamps and assistance while she was not eligible.  All things considered, her punishment was considerably light, and not only will she receive no jail time, but the court took steps to reduce her risk of deportation.

Welcome to America, 2013…

Graciela Antonio in Brown County court yesterday.  Antonio was found guilty of illegally receiving public assistance.  Image WLUK-TV.

Graciela Antonio in Brown County court yesterday. Antonio was found guilty of illegally receiving public assistance. Image WLUK-TV.

According to WLUK-TV, Graciela Antonio, 29, who resides in Green Bay along with her illegal alien husband and their 3 children – all reportedly born in the U.S., was convicted of public assistance fraud.  Antonio was found guilty of taking 5 years worth of food stamps and medical assistance while employed at a grocery store and earning a living under someone else’s name and Social Security number.

Funny how the charge of identity theft never entered the picture.


During her scheme, the state found that she had taken an estimated total of $12,416 in public assistance.  This while both she and her illegal husband were employed.


County workers discovered Antonio’s family should have been ineligible for public assistance, because she was employed under a fake name at American Foods, making $12.65 an hour. Her husband was also seasonally employed as a landscaper, making $12 an hour.

In a statement made by Antonio, she not only acknowledged that she knew what she was doing was wrong, but she knowingly failed to disclose that fact that she was employed in order to obtain those freebies.

“Really the victims are the community at large,” said Kate Zuidmulder, assistant district attorney for Brown County.

“Over a period of time, Ms. Antonio had the opportunity to report income,” said Zuidmulder. “She did say that she purposely did not do that because she didn’t want to lose the money that was coming in from the government.”

After a plea deal, it appears that even though she was caught red-handed – as being not only in this country illegally, but ripping of the American tax-payer, she’s getting less than a slap on the wrist.  As a means to use law to usurp the law, a judge agreed to a deal which would keep Antonio not only out of jail, but under the radar so she wouldn’t risk being deported.


According to WTAQ-FM (h/t:  WYDR-FM) radio, for ripping off the American taxpayer Antonio received 2 years probation, 180 hours of community service, and must pay back both the money she scammed the state as well as court costs.  So much for putting a deterrent in place for the other illegals out there who are ripping of the country and haven’t been caught.

Council for Antonio, attorney Charles Wingrove said that this was the best way to go for the good people of the State of Wisconsin.  “Bad things were done, but as the way forward this resolution is both best for my client and best for the state of Wisconsin, because if she gets deported, the people of the state of Wisconsin would be paying for those three small children,” said Wingrove.

illegals free shit

Although the judge in the case, Hon. Judge Hinkfuss had not necessarily thought the plea deal was the right thing to do, he nonetheless agreed to it.

“If you have three counts of public assistance fraud and you’re not even a citizen, or here legally, I don’t know why would we take these great steps to make sure they’re not deported,” said Brown County Judge Timothy Hinkfuss.

(h/t:  Free Republic)

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