Mom Awoken By Armed Drunk In Bedroom Chased Out, Fired At Intruder With SHOTGUN!

Posted on April 9, 2013


Louisiana (The Gaslamp Post) – A woman in Mandeville who woke up to a man with a gun in her bedroom acted on pure instinct when she responded with 00 (double aught) buckshot.  Mom’s quick thinking and show of force proves at least two things; 1) never get between a mom and her cubs, and 2) disturb a woman in a sound sleep at your own peril.

Police say a man entered the bedroom of a sleeping woman early last month, armed with a handgun at shortly before 2:00 am.  When she woke up, she reportedly screamed frantically at the man who appeared to be drunk.


This gave her enough time to grab her shotgun from her closet, rack in a shell, and send her intruder running.  After a quick scan of the hallway and a peek into her children’s bedroom, she ran in the direction of the armed man.

As she chased him out of her home, she reportedly fired a good 3 shots at the man from her front door.  Although she missed him, officers who responded to a call of shots fired were able to locate the man with a K9 unit.

joseph hall rogers

Joseph Hall Rogers

Officers soon found an intoxicated Joseph Hall Rogers nearby.  He reportedly resisted arrest which made police have to deploy a taser in order to take him into custody.

Rogers was charged with home invasion and resisting an officer.  The mom was not charged.

(h/t:  Times-Picayune)