More Sequesture BS: Soldiers Screwed Out Of Educations While Deadbeat College Kids Get Bailed Out

Posted on April 11, 2013


The United States (The Gaslamp Post) – He vowed to “fundamentally change America” during his 2008 campaign, and as we take a look around at the nation now in 2013, it appears as though he may have succeeded.  What was once the land of the free and home of the brave is now land of the dependents and home of the “won’t try.”

We used to value achievement and hard work, but now we the people seem more hung up on how much more someone else has than us.  Now it’s screw those who worked to get where they are, it’s not fair that they have more then me.

Nothing could bring this notion to light more so than what has happened recently to our servicemen, yet hasn’t happened and probably won’t happen to those who sit on their butts and do nothing.  The government has now cut off educational assistance, something that they’ve earned, for former and currently serving military personnel.

Some gave everything they had.


Because of the “sequester.”  According to, in a general announcement to the Army, Lt. Col. Tom Alexander said that because of financial and budgetary concerns, the Secretary of the Army has decided to suspend Tuition Assistance to all currently and former serving Army Vets.

Due to the current fiscal challenges, the Secretary of the Army has approved the suspension of Tuition Assistance (TA) effective 1700 EST Friday, 8 Mar 13.  The suspension applies to all components and will remain effect until the fiscal situation matures.

Effective 1700 EST 8 Mar 13, Soldiers will no longer be permitted to submit new requests for Tuition Assistance through the GoArmyEd portal.  Soldiers currently enrolled and participating in courses approved for tuition assistance are not affected and will be allowed to complete current course(s) enrollment.

Soldiers can continue to access their GI Bill benefits, if applicable (either the Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) or the Post 9/11 GI Bill), or use another funding sources (i.e. grants, scholarships, or Army National Guard Soldiers using state Tuition Assistance). Soldiers should be encouraged to contact their local education centers for additional information.  Updated information will also be posted to

The Army understands the impacts of this decision and will re-assess as the fiscal situation matures.

Army Strong!

The statement released on March 8, 2013 follows the one made by the United States Marine Corps a day earlier.  They too have been forced to cut off their personnel from education assistance.

With all this talk about sequestration, and how it’s been so widely misunderstood, why this now has come to pass is absurd.  Given that the sequestration was in all reality only a political ploy to cut a small percentage of money that hasn’t been spent yet; why something along the lines of a “screw you” to our brave men and women who serve had to happen now.

Let alone at all.

Some food for thought – while this is going on, the government has been quietly bailing out banks who had “toxic” loans on their books.  Bad mortgages?  Underwater homes?

No…  Student loans!

In order to avoid some market tragedy over a potential financial bubble bursting, just this year alone banks have written off $3B in student loans in just the first 2 months of the year!  According to the Chicago Tribune, this is a 36% jump from last year.

Due to the kids graduating from college who took out loans that they cannot pay back because there’s no job waiting for them in the field they chose, our economic recovery is threatened according to the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).  The problem is only compounding due to the increased demand of college degrees, because it results in an ever increasing cost of higher education.

occupy wall street

Quick quiz, Do we:

a)  Teach our kids about risk and responsibility and have them realize that they have to pay back money they borrow on terms that they agreed to?

or do we

b)  Tell the kids that’s it’s alright, they didn’t know that there would be no job for them where they could use their degree in poetry, english, or history, so screw the bank because banks are evil?

If you answered “b”, you are a worthless, pinko commie, and are the reason that our country is in the mess that it’s in.

whats your major art debate meme

Enter in the new era of Student Debt “forgiveness.”  Sure the new government program says that they intend to make the loan payments “manageable,” but if you don’t pay back your obligations for whatever reason, that’s ok too, according to the Wall Street Journal.

They call it the “Pay As You Earn” program.

A new federal program should make it easier for some recent college graduates to keep their student-loan payments manageable.

The new option, known as the “Pay as You Earn Repayment Plan,” lets eligible borrowers sharply lower their monthly loan payments and qualify for loan forgiveness quicker than they might otherwise.

It’s a very good safety net for students who borrow too much,” says Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of the financial-aid site “If your debt exceeds your annual income, you will probably benefit.”

Pay as You Earn, which took effect on Dec. 21, “is designed to help offset the effects of the recession for student borrowers most likely to take a hit in this tough job market,” says Lauren Asher, president of the Institute for College Access and Success, which has pushed for the creation of income-based repayment plans.

So if you served, risked your life for your country, and sacrificed years of your life in hopes of being able to get an education so that you can catch up with everything that happened while you were gone; tough break kid, you’re government thinks that someone else deserves an education more.  While you risked it all, they think that the whiners should get it for nothing.

According to ZeroHedge, if you took out a student loan and simply decide not to pay up, the government will bail you out.

The new program comes at a time when rising student-loan balances—amid a still shaky job market—have weighed heavily on many families.

Typically, federal student loans must be repaid within 10 years. At current interest rates, that can work out to a monthly payment of roughly $300 for a borrower with $26,000 in debt.

Pay as You Earn, by contrast, limits student-loan payments to 10% of “discretionary income” as defined by government formulas. Borrowers who make regular payments could have the remaining unpaid amounts forgiven after 20 years.

In some cases, borrowers with low incomes could be required to make a zero-dollar payment and would still be considered current on their loan. Monthly payments can increase or decrease each year based on the borrower’s income and family size.

During to 2012 campaign cycle, one of the president’s lackeys made a statement which makes me wonder about what is happening right now.  We all remember Valerie Jarrett’s chilling words last October, right?valerie-jarrett-quote
While it’s no shocker that today’s halls of higher learning are hotbeds of liberal and communist indoctrination, one can’t help but wonder if what Jarrett said was the plan all along.  “It’s OUR turn?”

Payback time?

Better be ready because we don’t forget?

The ones who opposed us will get what they DESERVE?

Is this what she was talking about?  We’ll screw over those who worked hard and risked their lives in favor of those who only went along with their nonsense?

There was a time when the smart kids who tried got ahead, when those who worked hard and earned their way were the ones who advanced.  Now it seems that hard work and effort go by the wayside in favor of some sort of misguided equality.

Well I ask you America, equality for whom?

When we cut off tuition assistance for our GIs and instead give loafers basically free college, exactly how is that equal?  How is it that we’re treating those who served and risked it all for our freedom equal, when we cut them off but favor everyone else?

One can’t help but notice that Americans are on disability and food stamps in record numbers these days.  Our elected morons are racing towards nationalized healthcare, with no end is sight to how many tax-payer dollars are going down that drain.

Everyone who doesn’t work is sure the hell still getting their damned Obama phones.  Nope, no cut to any of that foolishness – but we can sure the hell cut funding to our soldiers and their chances of putting their lives back together.

SHAME ON YOU, AMERICA, if you stand by and say nothing.  Shame on you America, if this sits well with you.  Shame on YOU America, if you do not send something to your elected representatives and express your disdain for this.

Just a thought, but I wonder if the clowns on Capital Hill know that there will come a time when our vets will say enough is enough and do something about this because we the people aren’t…

Could that be why they’re in such a hurry to push through their gun control foolishness and label all returning vets as having PTSD thereby restricting their access to firearms?

Food for thought.

(h/t:  Vince the welder – awesome guy)