Store Owner Shoots, Kills Armed Assailant Who Pointed Gun At His Wife!

Posted on April 16, 2013


Ohio (The Gaslamp Post) – An armed store owner who responded to his wife screaming, successfully put down an armed robber with a gun this past weekend.  Police say the armed assailant fired at the owner before he returned fire and killed him.

Hamilton store owner talks about robbery, shooting photo

Gueddari’s store

Smail Gueddari, 37, owner of Mazagan Urban Ware in Hamilton was in the back room of his store with his 28-month-old son, about a half hour before closing this past Saturday night.  He said he heard his wife screaming from the front of the store and he put his son down to go see what was wrong.

Gueddari said that he saw a man with his face covered, pointing a gun at his wife and motioning to the cash register.  According to the Journal News, the man once spotting him, fired his gun at Gueddari but missed – only hitting two mannequins.  It was at that point that Gueddari drew his lawfully owned firearm, and returned fire in order to protect his family.

“Anybody in my place would have done what I do,” Gueddari said on Monday.  “He killed himself.”

Mr. Gueddari reportedly fired two shots, missing the armed man with the first but sending the second, straight home to momma.  His second shot proved fatal as the gunman made it only steps from the store as he fled, only for his body to be found by police mere steps from the door outside.

The baby reportedly slept through the whole thing.

Police identified the suspect as 26-year-old Jeremy Scott Irvin.

Jeremy Scott Irvin smoked

Dead: Jeremy Scott Irvin – image Florida Today

Hamilton police responded a little after 8:30 pm this past Saturday night and found Irvin’s body outside on the store on the sidewalk.  Given all of the evidence they have gathered, no charges are expected to be filed against Gueddari, according to

“He had to defend his business and his family with deadly force,” said Felix Russo, 48. “It’s sad that someone was in a situation that they’re robbing. We deal with a lot of people on heroin and drugs. And we a see a lot of sad, broken people.”

Priscilla Abulencia, 24, of Hamilton, is a cashier at the Shop at Main convenience store across the street from Mazagan Urban Ware. She said the clothing store’s owner is a well-respected businessman who brings his wife and baby to work. “This is probably the third time that somebody’s tried to rob him.”

Although both Gueddari and his family survived the attempted robbery, his wife is still reportedly shaken.  The store reportedly remained closed throughout Sunday, with the cash drawer’s contents still on the floor and store’s merchandise still in disarray.

Hamilton store owner talks about robbery, shooting photo

The cash drawer from Gueddari’s store remained Sunday exactly where it fell on Saturday night. Photo E.L. Hubbard WLWT-TV.

Mr. Gueddari reportedly returned to his store to open for business Monday morning.  He stated he isn’t afraid, and intends to continue on with his routines, according to Florida Today.

“I am doing good. I am not scared. My family is OK,” said Gueddari.  “I hope this is the last time.”

“Business is business. What are you going to do? You have to open. You have a lot of overhead ” he said.

Customers have called and visited him in the store to show their support.

“I think he is a good guy and a good business owner. He has a lot of courage,” said Shane Vickers, who owns The Main Shoppe, a barbershop five doors down.