The Boston Massacre Of 2013: Had Enough Yet?

Posted on April 23, 2013


The United States (The Gaslamp Post) – A week has passed since the horrific event of the Boston Marathon had unfolded.  Our great nation which has stood for peace, liberty, and freedom has received another black eye from those who hate us.

In the days that followed we witnessed ugliness on various fronts, all lashing out and pointing fingers.  From very few directions came much more than consideration for the victims, the survivors, and their families.  While a city was gripped with fear amongst the chaos, there were those amongst us who were more intent on finger-pointing and conspiracy, rather than taking a second to see how those who survived were getting on and putting their lives back together.

This past week I purposefully did not touch upon this subject for this very reason.  I myself did not know all of the facts, and all I was seeing were rushes to judgement, conspiracy, and placing blame.

Some said that it had to have been the government, performing a false-flag, Reichtag style event akin to that of Adolph Hitler, while others said it was a lone-wolf nut.  Others said that it had to be right-wing extremists, and others yet still had the gall to blame returning veterans who were disgruntled.

One particular source even went so far as to say that they hoped the “the bomber is a white American.”  Who the hell talks like this?  Why would someone say something like that?

Had enough yet?

There was even one politician who decided to ride the wave of human suffering in attempt to enter a bill to clamp down gunpowder sales because Americans have too much freedom in being able to legally obtain it.  Why exactly it was that he chose to zero in on that substance, especially while the FBI was still investigating the scene and still does not know what fueled the explosion, is certainly telling.

“Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God’s wrath comes on those who are disobedient.”

Ephesians 5:6

When the dust finally settled, got their wish – sort of.  The “white” guy wasn’t one guy, but two.  Unfortunately though for their anti-American narrative, the guys weren’t right-wingers or tea-partiers, they were muslims.  Oddly enough, whenever the topic of muslim terrorist attacks on the United States comes up, the name Timothy McVeigh isn’t too far behind.  They love to toss that one out.

Is that all you got?  Come on, now…

Had enough yet?

While an entire city was locked down, and the entire populace was placed into a police-state, during which authorities searched for ONE kid with a gun, the full force of the department’s budget was unveiled.  Beat cops sported their AR-15s, heavily armored vehicles were deployed, citizens were forbidden to leave their homes and move about.

They said it was for their safety, they said it was for their own protection; sit tight and let the professionals handle this.  When it was all said and done, all of the cops whom were deployed onto the city’s streets, with all of their high-powered weaponry being carried around, all of the really big armored toys that we the taxpayer footed the bill for – did absolutely nothing.

The kid was spotted by a civilian who saw that someone messed with his boat.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men – weren’t worth a damn.

For those of you out there who originally subscribed to the “disgruntled vet” theory, let me just take a moment and say that you deserve to be smacked – hard.  With the impressive show of force on the part of law enforcement officials in dealing with the little scumbag who helped pull off the bombing, and the ZERO results that they had obtained catching him on their own, it boggles the mind why the citizens were forbidden to leave their homes.

You can’t tell me that in that neighborhood or in that city, that there were no seasoned combat veterans among the residents.  How is it that these bone-heads in blue are somehow more qualified to hunt down, take on, and deal with a muslim kid with a bomb than they?

What, because they got a job and put on a badge?  Funny how when it was a Navy Veteran and police officer who was on the loose after killing other cops, that they didn’t lock down L.A.

If anything, the smart thing to do would have been to get the cops out of the way and let the vets handle it.  It’s their neighborhood to begin with, they have families, and a major incentive to neutralize a threat to their neighborhood.  Imagine how many terrorists would be willing to pull of an attack if they knew that the moms and dads were not only combat experienced, but that the cops weren’t going to be around to protect them by the time the parents got ahold of them.

Had enough yet?

So what happened?  What went wrong?  Who or what is to blame for this?

Do we blame the president’s policies?  President Obama did go on a campaign through the middle east, apologizing for America.  My how that backfired.

Nope, too easy.

Do we blame Hillary Clinton for her failed middle east policies, the deaths of our ambassador and security staff in Benghazi, and for setting the middle east on fire?


Nope, too easy – and cheap.

Do we blame muslims or islam as a whole?  Although not all muslims are terrorists (IRA, The Weather Underground, The Black Panthers), certainly most terrorists are muslim.  Not a bigoted statement, just the truth.

Nope, again all too easy.

No, the credit for not only this attack but so many others lies solely with those who hate America.  Unfortunately we seem to be surrounded by them, in various forms and in various positions.  While the credit for attacks like these lies with them, the fault for them lies solely with us.

The bombing of the World Trade Center, the attack of September 11, 2001, the bombing of the USS Cole, the Ft. Hood shooting, and now what has happened in Boston all have the same theme.  America is the enemy and they’re getting something back.

Rewind back to the 1960s and 70s and we have the bombing of Sterling Hall at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, the bombing of the Park Precinct police station in New York and San Francisco police department…

The resounding theme to all of this is that these are people who hate America.  What is even more astounding is the fact that many involved in the anti-American movement of the 60s and 70s, are now running the show today.  There are those who hate what America not only stands for, but what makes America great.

You can call them liberals, communists, socialists, progressives, leftists, what-have-you – call them what you wish; they do not espouse the values or treasure what it is to be an American.  While they are entitled to their opinions and free to pursue their own destinies, when they choose to be destructive to our way of life and our freedoms, then they have over-stepped their bounds.

“Such regulations indeed have an appearance of wisdom, with their self-imposed worship, their false humility and their harsh treatment of the body, but they lack any value in restraining sensual indulgence.”

Colossians 2:8

When they talk about wanting to change what we are, in favor of what they think we should be; they are showing us that they hate what has made us great.

When they try to change our language to dampen truth in favor of a nicer-sounding fantasy, and use the term “political correctness” in order to imply that what they’re doing is correct; they are showing us that they hate what we are.

When they wish to blur the lines between reality and fantasy, so that failure is accepted as the new norm and mediocrity praised as would that which is exceptional; they are showing us that they hate our abilities as individuals.

Had enough yet?

Our society at large has been continually inundated with this deluge of negative portrayal after negative portrayal of everything that has made our nation and society great.  You’re no longer intelligent and thrifty if you can make a life for yourself and your family; you’re greedy.  Hard work is for suckers and it’s better to be lazy and make excuses for our own failures when we decide to take from others what was not ours to take.

Nothing like showin your ass in public.  We's livin it up, scumbag-fabulous!

We’re being goaded towards collective stupidity and being made to believe that we are unable to choose the correct paths for ourselves to such an extent, that we can no longer be trusted with what kind of light bulb we are permitted to use in our own homes.  Does no one else see this?

All the while we sit there just taking in what we are being told, going along with it because it’s easier to not make a scene or take a stand.

What those two little foreign dirt-bags did in Boston was symptomatic of the ever-growing problem we face here in America, where our culture is under attack by not just those from outside who hate us, but those from within who foster such hatred.  Has no one noticed the constant, subtle attacks upon our traditions, customs, and way of life, yet praise for counter-culture and destructive behaviors?

In the name of sensitivity and diversity, we trample down our own greatness in favor of what we are not nor ever been?  Our work ethic, our institutions, our family structure, even our language is under attack.  Whittling away from within our foundations ever-so, and determined to rewrite our society from the ground up we face the constant attack from not only the media, but our educational system.

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles?”

Matthew 7:15-16

What defines marriage is now being called into question, what is considered violence, personal responsibility, self-reliance, are now matters of opinion.  Even now it seems that what was considered LIFE is now up for debate.

Had enough yet?

These poisonous seeds were sown not within recent years, but slowly over time; with each harvest yielding an ever increasing crop of self-loathing and anti-Americanism.  Over time we became complacent and used to the shiny flashing, light-up box that told us what was cool and interesting.

The glitz and glamor of soft sins gave way to prime-time debauchery, and like every snare of temptation we didn’t even feel it happening.  From within we were not only given the poison pills but took them thankfully and enjoyed them gratefully.

The shiny and flashing, light-up box lulled us to sleep while our children watched on and grew up indoctrinated with the poison that slipped in right under our noses.  When it was time for them to go off and pursue higher learning, they were already pre-programmed to rebel against that which gave them everything.

From there they went out into the world and took with them the programming which told them that they were guilty for all of the perceived ills of our society and filled them with the message that it was up to them to right the wrongs of their parents – who gave them everything.  The message was clear, the message was richeous, the message was honorable, but the message was utter bullshit.

Those who would poison our children are those who must be weeded out.  Then and only then can we begin to turn ourselves around not only as a nation, but a society.  While these things which poison and eat away at our society; liberalism, progressivism, socialism, and such – we must be mindful to not overlook a very integral part of the equation.

Let us not be so foolish as to believe ourselves not culpable in the downward spiral that we are all facing.  Under no circumstances are we to forget that although these poisons exist in our society, we as a society allowed them to not only blossom and grow, but germinate and prosper.

It was and still is our own complacency that permits this poison to spread like a plague across this great land of ours.  For if not for those amongst us for which we find example and measure too are defiant in such matters, how then is it that we as men can expect to raise our families?

This is something that has for far too long fallen to the wayside, and we are indeed reaping what we have sown.

Forget about the Democrat or Republican labels, for those serve as an indication of neither tendency nor philosophy as they did in times of old.  One perfect example of this is the now notorious “gang of eight” in congress, which is about to introduce legislation offering illegal aliens a free ride along the lines that would have been the president’s wet dream a mere 4 short years ago.  How is reforming immigration, while at the same time incentivising another group to continue in lawlessness, solely for the sake of votes going to secure America?


How by showing the lawless that they too will be accommodated, are we to prove we are a just people?  Did we learn nothing from President Obama’s apology tour in his first term?

Those who dare our laws are daring us, and if not met with justice will then too their lawlessness expound.  While those who would facilitate such lawlessness would decry themselves the enemy of our nation, along with those lawless whom seek their favor, let us not forget one simple fact.  We put those lawless lawmakers in power.

When the Boston Marathon was bombed, and we learned that not only were the suspects known to our federal government, but we were forewarned, we have a short list of those at whom we can point the finger.  While it is that our government is rife with incompetence, we cannot forget who has put said incompetence in the position of authority.

We are a government of the people, for the people, and BY the people; so therefore if there is anything at fault for our current condition, it is our own incompetence and complacency.

If we desire to not see a repeat of the tragic events of last week, then the answer is crystal clear; rid America of those who hate America.  As Benjamin Franklin said that “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure,” so is it also that resetting ourselves back onto the path of patriotism in favor of instilling passion and love for our nation, that we can rid our land of these dangerous philosophies.

More laws will not protect us from terrorism.  More spending on one more semi-automatic rifle, or one more armored vehicle for the police will not protect us from terrorism.  One more additional layer of bureaucracy will not protect us from terrorism.

The government has shown us time and time again that regardless of it’s promises, it cannot fulfill a single one.  Our solution to this problem, it’s remedy, lies with us and us solely; one people, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all – who desire to be American.

Had enough yet?