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Told You So: U.S. Senator Vows To Re-introduce Gun Control Bill

April 28, 2013


Washington D.C. (AP) – One of the architects of failed gun control legislation says he’s bringing it back. Sen. Joe Manchin on Sunday said he would re-introduce a measure that would require criminal and mental health background checks for gun buyers at shows and online. The Democrat says that if lawmakers read the bill, they […]

Gun Store Proprietor Steamed After FACEBOOK Shoots Down Page

April 24, 2013


Pennsylvania (WLWT-TV) – Erik Lowry, owner of Pittsburgh Tactical Firearms in McKeesport, said he’s losing thousands of dollars per day since Facebook shut down his business page. He told Channel 4 Action News that he believes his page was targeted because of misinformation in a recent article. Lowry found out Friday morning that his page […]

Feds Admit Buying Up Ammo Supplies

April 19, 2013


Napolitano to Congress: Contract was for up to ‘1-point-whatever billion’ rounds The United States (Bob Unruh-World Net Daily) – At least police departments and other gun owners now know what’s creating a shortage of ammunition across the nation: It IS the federal government, as those online reports, including several at WND, have explained. Word came […]

GUN BILL FAILS IN SENATE: 5 Dems Joined Repubs In Voting AGAINST IT!

April 17, 2013


Washington D.C. (The Gaslamp Post) – Well it’s official, the latest surviving legislation aimed at curbing American firearms ownership has now died on the Senate floor.  Today’s vote of 54-46 now means that the third and final pillar of President Obama’s gun-control agenda has crumbled. The move to expand “universal background checks” to private firearms […]

NY Gun Confiscation Starts And May Set Precedent For Gun Confiscation Across The Nation!

April 13, 2013


New York (Tim Brown-Freedom Outpost) –  New York State is the testing ground my fellow Americans. Yes I know, some people in the country believe Obama and other politicians when they say they are not coming for your guns. But lo and behold there is a form of gun confiscation taking place in New York. […]

Reader Submission Saturday: The World’s Laziest Shotgun…

April 6, 2013


Connecticut (The Gaslamp Post) Credit to Gaslamp Post reader Ted for this submission – The following is a snapshot of a letter written to the editor of the Hartford Courant by a man named Donald K. Martin.  This letter simply turns the tables on the illogical thought processes of those in favor of gun control. […]

Lashing Out: Jim Carrey Lashes Out After Negative Criticism Of Video Mocking 2nd Amendment And Rural Americans

March 31, 2013


California (The Galamp Post) – Actor Jim Carrey took a swipe at Fox News recently after the wide-spread negative response to his recently released video, “Cold Dead Hands.”  The video which is believed to have been an attempt at humor has instead angered many Americans because of it’s outright slap-in-the-face to many. A condensed version […]

Watch: E.T. Williams On Gun Control – He’s Only Saying What We’re All Thinking

March 30, 2013


The United States (The Gaslamp Post) – With all of this talk in the media lately about gun-control and what they’re calling “common sense” laws, the always level-headed and straight shooter E.T. Williams has decided to weigh in.  Host and creator of the “Common Sense Nation” internet show and YouTube channel E.T. Williams, uses data […]

The Epic Gun Control Testimony You’ve Been Waiting For: ‘The Constitution Did Not Guarantee Public Safety, It Guaranteed Liberty’

March 21, 2013


Connecticut (Jason Howerton-The Blaze) – How do Connecticut residents feel about the crackdown on the Second Amendment? Well, there are people from both sides making passionate arguments on the issue, however, one gentleman last week was able to make a particularly persuasive case against more gun control and in favor of the U.S. Constitution. Meet […]

Feinstein’s ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ Dumped By Dems, Dies In Senate – Watch Your Back, It Ain’t Over!

March 19, 2013


Washington D.C. (The Gaslamp Post) – Yes America, the rumors you heard are true; Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) controversial Assault Weapons Ban – which was an integral part of the advancing gun control legislation officially died in the senate today, during a closed door pow wow with Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D-NV).  After it was […]

FACTCHECK: Smaller Capacity Magazines Mean Fewer Shots Fired In Same Amount Of Time And Give Opportunity For Shooter To Be Tackled?

March 13, 2013


Indiana (The Gaslamp Post) – A law enforcement official from Indiana recently produced the following video in which he demonstrates how ineffective reducing the number of rounds a magazine can hold is when it comes to how many rounds the shooter can deliver.  Boone County Sheriff Ken Campbell explains in his video that legislation which […]

Bet You Didn’t Hear About THIS On The News: Former Rep. Gabby Giffords’ Husband Caught Buying AR-15 “Assault Rifle” ?!?!?!

March 11, 2013


Arizona (The Gaslamp Post) – Rising stars of the gun-control left, Astronaut Mark Kelly and his wife, former Arizona congresswoman Gabby Giffords have made their voices heard throughout the media as they lobby for what they are calling “common sense” legislation.  On March 4, 2013, Kelly accompanied by his wife testified before state lawmakers in […]

State Bill Would Require Anger Management Classes In Order To Buy BULLETS?????

March 8, 2013


Florida (Joshua Rhett Miller-Fox News) – A Florida legislator wants anyone trying to buy ammunition to complete an anger management program first, in what critics say is the latest example of local lawmakers reaching for constitutionally-dubious solutions to the problem of gun violence. The bill filed Saturday by state Sen. Audrey Gibson, D-Jacksonville, would require […]

GASLAMP POST EXCLUSIVE (Reader’s Choice): Illinois Sneaking Assault Weapons Ban Through One House Of State Government – Terrifying Implications For The Rest Of The Country!

March 6, 2013


Illinois (The Gaslamp Post) Credit to Gaslamp Post reader Keith for the tip on this story – A very quiet bill is sneaking it’s way through the Illinois State General Assembly and actually made it through Congress yesterday.  In a vote of 58 to 10, 6 amendments to the Illinois Assault Weapons Act (HB1156) passed […]

Here We Go: “Moms” Group Demands That Lawmakers DO SOMETHING About Gun Violence

March 5, 2013


South Carolina (The Gaslamp Post) – As the dust is finally beginning to settle and rationale is finally beginning to return nationwide to the topic of addressing gun violence, yet another group is attempting to put pressure on lawmakers in order to do something.  While it is unclear what more a lawmaker, or group of […]

They Have Begun – This Is How The DHS Seizes Your Guns

February 28, 2013


The United States (Robert Farago-Charleston Voice) – The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently raided one of our readers: a kitchen table FFL dealer who does everything—everything—by the book. He has, however, consistently criticized the ATF for its unconstitutional regulations and long history of extra-legal activities. This is his story. Update to follow, after he consults […]

Minnesota Democrats Pushing GUN CONFISCATION Bill Similar To Missouri’s!

February 15, 2013


Minnesota (Joe Newby-The Examiner) – Democrats in Minnesota are pushing a gun confiscation proposal that looks eerily similar to one recently proposed by Democrats in Missouri, Jim Hoft reported at the Gateway Pundit on Thursday. The measure uses language that is almost identical to the Missouri proposal, including a requirement that law-abiding gun owners relinquish […]

Legal Immigrant’s Must-Watch Testimony Against Gun Control: ‘Few Saw the Third Reich Coming Until It Was Too Late’

January 31, 2013


Connecticut (Jason Howerton-The Blaze) – During a public hearing on gun violence in Hartford, Conn. on Monday, a legal immigrant by the name of Henson Ong issued a passionate defense of the Second Amendment and argued that gun control simply “does not work.” The video of Ong’s testimony has already surpassed 130,000 views on YouTube. […]

TYRANNY ALERT: Senate Revived Bill Which Died On Floor In 2011 That Gives AG Eric Holder Exclusive Authority To Deny You A Firearm!

January 30, 2013


Washington D.C. (The Gaslamp Post) – In the midst of the national debating and political theater surrounding the topic of gun control in recent weeks, something happened in the Senate last Tuesday which just about no one noticed.  According to the Government Printing Office (thanks for the tip Adam!), the Denying Firearms and Explosives to […]

Watch: Journalist Jason Mattera Pursued By NYPD Security After Pressuring Mayor Bloomberg About Gun Control

January 28, 2013


Washington D.C. (The Gaslamp Post) – It’s more of the do as I say not as I do when it comes to policy that is being forced onto the American people.  Investigative journalist Jason Mattera is seen in the following video being accosted by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg after he had the nerve […]

Big Government Tyrrany: Government “Officials” Exempt From Proposed “Assault Weapons Ban”

January 27, 2013


Washington D.C. (The Gaslamp Post) – The first sign of a tyrannical government has always been the creation of laws that they themselves are not subject to.  Dictatorial power wielded by a tyrant has always started with the creation of laws that they themselves do not have to obey. Inasmuch as it would seem to […]

The Coming “2013 Assault Weapons Ban” – And The Liberal Lies Perpetuating It.

January 24, 2013


Washington D.C. (The Gaslamp Post) – Sen. Dianne Feinstein made her intentions official today, as she seeks to further her agenda of disarming Americans.  This afternoon, surrounded by her like-minded, gun-grabbing cohorts, she held another one of her “dramatic” press conferences, during which she revealed the 150 types of firearms that she wants to see […]