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Good Riddance – Man Arrested For Child Porn Found Dead Of Suicide

April 28, 2013


Arizona (Carmen Duarte-Arizona Daily Star) – A Tucson man arrested in connection with sexual exploitation of a minor committed suicide, police said. Richard Braun, 50, who was arrested last Friday, was found dead in his home Tuesday, said Sgt. Chris Widmer, a Tucson Police Department spokesman. Braun had recently been released from the Pima County […]

Mom Awoken By Armed Drunk In Bedroom Chased Out, Fired At Intruder With SHOTGUN!

April 9, 2013


Louisiana (The Gaslamp Post) – A woman in Mandeville who woke up to a man with a gun in her bedroom acted on pure instinct when she responded with 00 (double aught) buckshot.  Mom’s quick thinking and show of force proves at least two things; 1) never get between a mom and her cubs, and […]

You Want Fries With That? Armed Robber At Burger King Takes Victim’s Cellphones And Some Hot Lead To Go!

April 8, 2013


Florida (The Gaslamp Post) – A robbery spree perpetrated by two criminal masterminds came to an end last Friday morning after one of the geniuses ended up shot, and the getaway vehicle ran out of gas.  Witnesses say that one of the robbers caught a bullet in the leg, as a result of robbing the […]

It Takes A Special Kind Of Stupid: Police Arrest 63 Gang Members After They Bragged About Shootings, Crimes On Social Media!

April 8, 2013


New York (The Gaslamp Post) – Police in Manhattan say they now have 63 area gang members who they say are responsible for at least 3 murders, over 30 violent gun-related offenses, and other routine violence since 2009, off the street.  Their reign of terror over a 30-square-block area in East Harlem was declared over […]

Man Charged With Child Pornography Attacked In Jail After Being Accused Of Raping 10-Year-Old, Killing Her Mother.

March 18, 2013


New York (The Gaslamp Post) – A man who is accused of killing a woman and raping her 10-year-old daughter during a suspected carjacking received the opportunity to appear before a judge with a swollen face and tissue stuffed up his nose this past Friday.  According to, the suspect, David Renz, 29, had suffered […]

Idiot Faked Own Kidnapping, Hog-Tied Himself To Get Out Of Dog House With Girlfriend

March 13, 2013


New York (The Gaslamp Post) – A guy who needed a quick excuse for his girlfriend as to why he went missing for two weeks came up with a real winner.  According to the New York Post, Rahmell Pattway, 36, of Brooklyn faked his own kidnapping and tried to get the cops to buy it. […]

Woman Arrested With Meth Hid Pistol In Her Pooter

March 12, 2013


Oklahoma (The Gaslamp Post) – Police processing two women they had picked up during the wee hours of the morning outside of a closed business found something unexpected on one of – or inside of rather – one of the suspects. Ada police approached a car they had spotted outside of the Dairy Lou and […]

Ooopse! Man Accused Of Burglary After Being Caught On Tape Breaking Into Cop’s House.

March 3, 2013


New Mexico (Gabrielle Burkhart-KRQE-TV) – Detectives say a man is accused of breaking into an Albuquerque police officer’s home and stole all of his police gear. Deputies say Billy Espinosa broke into the officer’s home in broad daylight. Surveillance video from a neighbor is what helped detectives catch. Espinosa faced a judge Sunday on a […]

It Must Take A Special Kind Of Stupid: Firefighter Threatens Rampage, Claimes He Will Make Dorner Shooting Look Like “Childs Play”

February 23, 2013


Massachusetts (CBS Boston) – A Boston firefighter will be in court next month after police say he made threats against the department, including a reference to ex-Los Angeles police officer Christopher Dorner. Kenneth Veiga became angry Tuesday when he was told he had to see a department physician before returning to work. It is unknown […]

Drunken Man Pulled Over On Highway For Cart-Jacking Walmart Scooter

February 21, 2013


Indiana (The Gaslamp Post) – Police on the night shift are treated to all sorts of oddities that their counterparts on the day shift may not normally see.  It’s not everyday, or night rather, that officers pull someone over driving north in a southbound lane of a highway, in stolen a Walmart scooter. 27-year-old Marcus […]

Some Criminals Just Don’t Get It: Con Unhappy With Probation Officer Made Threat IN WRITING!!!

February 19, 2013


Wisconsin (La Crosse Tribune) – Eric Danielson just wanted a new probation officer. In jail and facing revocation of his probation for a misdemeanor conviction, Danielson sent a letter last week to area supervisor Mike Johnson saying he couldn’t get along with his agent and “her attitude is a conflict to my rehabilitation.” Danielson, 20, […]

Three Held On Charges Of Filming The Stripping, Beating Of A Man, And Uploading Video To The Internet.

February 16, 2013


New Jersey (The Gaslamp Post) – Police investigating a disturbing incident during which a young man was accosted by three men, forced to strip naked, and was then beaten by one of them while being captured on video have all three in custody.  The three men, identified as Ahmad Holt, 19, Jamaar Gray, 23, and […]

12 Arrested In Sanford Mob Beating Of Pregnant Woman!

February 11, 2013


Florida (The Gaslamp Post) – Sanford police arrested 12 people, including children and teens, in connection with a mob beating of a pregnant woman.  The brutal attack which comes almost a year after the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin in the same town, has many throughout the area shocked. The fight which occurred at around […]

Religion Of Peace, My Foot: Court Upholds Murder Conviction For Muslim Who “Honor Killed” Daughter

January 28, 2013


Georgia (Atlanta Journal-Constitution/AP) – The Supreme Court of Georgia has upheld the murder conviction and life sentence of a Georgia man accused of slaying his daughter in a so-called honor killing. Chaudry Rashid was accused of strangling his 25-year-old daughter because she planned to divorce her husband from an arranged marriage. A jury convicted Rashid […]

Irony: Man Arrested For Driving Drunk Through Co-Founder Of Alcoholics Anonymous’ Lawn

January 20, 2013


Vermont (Burlington Free-Press) – Vermont State Police say a man faces a drunken driving charge after driving onto the lawn of a historic home once owned by the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. Police say 55-year-old Donald Blood III of Marlborough, Mass., was ordered to appear in court in Bennington on Jan. 14. Police say Blood […]

Police: Man Was “Too Drunk” To Pull Off Robbery

January 18, 2013


Kentucky (The Gaslamp Post) – He wore the clothes, he had his lines down, and he even had the place picked out; had it not been for the fact that he was so horribly inebriated, he may have actually pulled it off.  Workers at a Little Caesar’s said that a man stumbled in shortly before […]

Bad Timing Or Just Plain Stupidity? Police Allege Boy Made (Fake) YouTube Video Of Him Shooting Up His School.

January 10, 2013


Wisconsin (The Gaslamp Post) – Police in Crandon were alerted to a video allegedly made by a juvenile, in which they say he acted out shooting up his school and killing students.  The video which has since been taken down, according to WTAQ-TV, was shot on an iphone and depicted other students being shot. Superintendent […]

Suspected Bank Robber Caught Masturbating In Public The Very Next Day

January 7, 2013


Washington State (The Gaslamp Post) – As if it wasn’t embarrassing enough getting caught by police masturbating in public, trying to pass it off as doing something that would connect you to the armed robbery that you committed a day earlier can’t be much better. Police in Seattle say a man held up the Capital […]

Feds: Woman Claimed To Be Relative Of Innocent Sandy Hook Victim In Order To Scam Donations

December 28, 2012


New York (Jeane Macintosh-New York Post) – A soulless Bronx grifter posed as the aunt of 6-year-old Newtown massacre victim Noah Pozner in a twisted scam to collect bogus-charity donations, the feds charged yesterday. Nouel Alba, 36, even told prospective donors that she had to enter Sandy Hook Elementary School after the bloodbath and identify […]

UPDATE: 2 Inmates Escape From Federal Lockup In Chicago, Concidered Armed And Dangerous

December 22, 2012


UPDATE 12/22/2012:  Joseph Banks has been apprehended.  The update follows the original story below. Originally posted 12/18/2012 How’s those strict gun laws working out for you Chicago? Illinois (The Gaslamp Post) – Sometime between 5:00 am and 8:45 am this morning, 2 convicted bank robbers were able to escape the maximum security federal Metropolitan Correctional […]

Black Youths Kill White Man Over $10, A Cell Phone, And A Sandwich.

December 20, 2012


North Carolina (The Gaslamp Post) – They told police that they were targeting white people because they probably had money, and now all 4 robbers are behind bars, charged with murder.  A group of 4 black youths needed money so they decided to go out and rob people; white people. The group had unsuccessfully tried […]

The High School Shooting Plot (That Never Was) Foiled Same Day As CT Massacre – You Heard It Here First!

December 15, 2012


Just wait until the libs get ahold of THIS! Oklahoma (The Gaslamp Post) – A high school student is in custody after police say that he had plotted to pull off a school shooting of his own.  Officers serving a Probable Cause warrant arrested Sammie Eaglebear Chavez at 4:30 am yesterday, and charged him with […]