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Your Parenting FAIL Story Of The Day: 14-Year-Old Mother Accused Of Losing Temper, Killing Her Infant

April 25, 2013


Oklahoma (Leighanne Manwarren-Newsok) – A 14-year-old mother being held on a murder complaint told police she lost her temper and threw her baby into his crib, according to a court document filed Tuesday. Jennifer Respicio is being held in the Oklahoma County jail without bail, jail officials said Wednesday. Her 7-month-old son, Jaidyn Respicio, died […]

Intoxicated Mother With 3 Kids In The Car Told Police She Wasn’t Driving

April 8, 2013


Florida (The Gaslamp Post) – A woman who was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence with her 3 small children in the car, had a pretty darn good excuse for the cops when they showed up.  She reportedly told deputies at around 4:00am this past Thursday morning that she wasn’t driving. Deputies responding […]

Liberal Solution To Steubenville Rape Case: We Need To Raise Our Boys To Neither Rape Nor Be A Bystander.

March 28, 2013


The United States (The Gaslamp Post) – She cried rape, her accusers went before a judge, there was a trial, they were weighed, and they were found guilty.  Two weeks ago, a judge in Ohio found two accused teen athletes guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl. The case was highly publicized and drew both local […]

Video: Baby Killed, Mother Shot By Teens During Attempted Robbery

March 22, 2013


Georgia (The Gaslamp Post) – Police have two teens in custody who they suspect are responsible for shooting a mother and her baby during a robbery attempt yesterday.  Authorities today say the two teens, one 17, the other 14, approached a woman while she was walking her infant in a stroller and demanded money. While […]

Attempting To Kill Snake, Woman Inadvertently Sets Home On Fire

March 22, 2013


Texas (The Gaslamp Post) – A woman in Texarkana demonstrated for her son why you should not play with fire. Authorities say a woman in northern Texas happened upon a snake while working in the yard.  Intending to kill it, she reportedly retrieved some gasoline and doused the snake with a copious amount of it. […]

THIS IS WHY PARENTS MUST LOCK UP THEIR GUNS: Teens With Parent’s Stolen Firearms Shot, Dead After Run-In With Armed Homeowner During Attempted Break-In

March 21, 2013


First rule of firearm ownership:  No one but you is responsible for your firearms. – tglp Texas (Terry Wallace-Associated Press) – Two heavily armed teenage friends from Oklahoma drove hundreds of miles in a stolen pickup to a small town near Dallas where they were fatally shot during an attempted home invasion, a sheriff’s official […]

You Know Your Parental Skills Suck When: 80 Kids Arrested While Drinking At Bar!

March 17, 2013


Indiana (Jill Disis-IndyStar) – The partylike atmosphere Saturday at the Pancake House had all the fixings of a typical night out on the town: loud music, dancing, scantily clad girls and copious amounts of alcohol. But it wasn’t typical. Instead, Indiana State Excise Police arrested 80 minors — some as young as 13 — in […]

Another “Mother Of The Year” Candidate – Woman Arrested, Accused Of Trying To Sell Kids To make Boyfriend’s Bail

March 15, 2013


Oklahoma (The Gaslamp Post) – A woman was arrested and her children taken into custody after police say she attempted to sell them in order to get bail money for her boyfriend.  Police say that 22-year-old Misty Nicole Vanhorn had tried to sell them to an Arkansas woman whom she had contacted on Facebook. According […]

Teen Armed With BB Gun Shot While Allegedly Trying To Rob Pizza Guy

March 7, 2013


Indiana (The Gaslamp Post) – A teenager is listed in grave condition after police say he pulled a gun on a pizza delivery guy in an attempt to rob him.  Unfortunately for the 15-year-old would-be robber, the pizza guy was not only armed, but the kid’s weapon was only a bb gun. In late February, […]

Here We Go: “Moms” Group Demands That Lawmakers DO SOMETHING About Gun Violence

March 5, 2013


South Carolina (The Gaslamp Post) – As the dust is finally beginning to settle and rationale is finally beginning to return nationwide to the topic of addressing gun violence, yet another group is attempting to put pressure on lawmakers in order to do something.  While it is unclear what more a lawmaker, or group of […]

Mother Of The Year Award Candidate Arrested After 10-Year-Old Found Wandering Around, Drunk And Naked

March 3, 2013


Florida (WTSP-TV Tampa) – A Spring Hill mother was arrested and faces child neglect charges after deputies say her 10 year old son was found walking in the street, naked and drunk. A couple out walking their dog stumbled across 31-year-old Nedra  Byrd’s son Thursday at 7:30 p.m. They took the boy to Amanda Roesch’s home. She and her husband know […]

21 Signs That U.S. Public Schools Have Become Training Centers For Sexual Deviancy

February 18, 2013


The United States (The American Dream) – Why do men and women have a such a hard time relating to each other in a meaningful way in America today?  Could our oversexed culture have anything to do with it?  In the United States today, we are constantly being bombarded with sexual messages.  Just think about […]

Parents Face Murder Charge In Baby’s Starvation Death

February 4, 2013


Indiana (Robert Sullivan-Richmond Palladium-Item) – Two Richmond parents charged with murder for the starvation death of their infant son will go on trial beginning with jury selection at 9 a.m. Monday in Wayne Superior Court. Amy R. Hockett, 22, and Joseph L. Pierson, 25, each were charged with murder, neglect of a dependent resulting in […]

Barf In Your Mouth: Aspiring Porn Star And Her Father – Arrested On Charges Of Sex, Obscenity, And Conspiracy After Having Baby Together!

January 23, 2013


New York (Michael Walsh-NY Daily News) – An aspiring porn star and her father were arrested Monday after a DNA test proved that they had a sexual relationship that resulted in a child, authorities said. Tiffany Hartford, 23, and George Sayers Jr., 46, of Bethel, Conn. denied knowing that they were father and daughter. But […]

UPDATE UPDATE: School Suspends Porn Star Teacher, Parents Appear Unconcerned

January 16, 2013


UPDATE (4/19/2012) – The Oxnard School District has removed teacher, Stacie Halas.  Details follow after the original story below. UPDATE UPDATE (1/16/2013) – An appeal filed by the attorney for Stacie Halas has bombed.  Details follow after the original story and first update below. Original story posted 3/13/2012 California (The Gaslamp Post) – School board […]

15-Year-Old Girl Gang Raped In Class, Teachers Do Nothing.

January 13, 2013


New York (Barbara Ross and Lisa Colangelo-New York Daily News) – A mentally challenged 15-year-old girl was gang-raped beneath her desk during class — only feet away from her teachers — at an Elmont, N.Y., school, according to a lawsuit filed Friday. When the girl reported the horrific incident the next day, school officials failed […]

Bad Timing Or Just Plain Stupidity? Police Allege Boy Made (Fake) YouTube Video Of Him Shooting Up His School.

January 10, 2013


Wisconsin (The Gaslamp Post) – Police in Crandon were alerted to a video allegedly made by a juvenile, in which they say he acted out shooting up his school and killing students.  The video which has since been taken down, according to WTAQ-TV, was shot on an iphone and depicted other students being shot. Superintendent […]

The High School Shooting Plot (That Never Was) Foiled Same Day As CT Massacre – You Heard It Here First!

December 15, 2012


Just wait until the libs get ahold of THIS! Oklahoma (The Gaslamp Post) – A high school student is in custody after police say that he had plotted to pull off a school shooting of his own.  Officers serving a Probable Cause warrant arrested Sammie Eaglebear Chavez at 4:30 am yesterday, and charged him with […]

Teen Shoots, Kills Father In Order To Save His Mother Who Was Being Beaten.

December 14, 2012


Florida (Elizabeth Behrman-Tampa Bay Times) – A teenager defending his mother as his father beat and choked her Saturday night shot and killed him, authorities said. The shooting happened about 10 p.m. after a small group of family and friends gathered around a bonfire outside a mobile home at 7427 Burnt Barn Ave. in the […]

Reader Inspired Story: Abortion Is Murder.

December 13, 2012


The United States (The Gaslamp Post) A reader was kind enough to fill me in on a pro-life project that I had previously not known about.  Details about the project follow the article below. – tglp Abortion is murder. There is no other way to put it.  The procedure known as abortion is the intentional […]

Young Mother Killed For Telling Teen Punks To Get A Job. 1 In Custody, 2 Still At Large.

December 12, 2012


Pennsylvania (The Gaslamp Post) – Three teenagers have been charged in connection with a shooting this past Saturday which left a young mother of a 23-month-old baby dead.  The shooting stemmed from a situation that had escalated after the teens demanded cigarettes. William Bailey, 28, had just left a convenience store on Saturday, when they […]

Your Parenting FAIL Story Of The Day: Dad Kills Infant For “Fussing” While He Was Playing Video Games.

December 6, 2012


North Carolina (AP-News Observer) – Police say a 2-week-old infant died after his father punched him for fussing while he was playing video games. High Point police have charged 20-year-old Brian Jack Frazier with first-degree murder, and 20-year-old Stefany Renee Ash is charged with accessory after the fact of first degree murder. Police say the […]