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The Gaslamp Post Will Be On Temporary Hiatus

May 1, 2013


Dear readers, The Gaslamp Post will be temporarily closed for the  near foreseeable future.  I have alot of irons in the fire – so to speak – and won’t be able to see to some other responsibilities and this blog at the same time. Thank you all in advance for your understanding, it has been […]

Reader’s Submission Saturday: A Vision And An End-Time Prophecy

April 6, 2013


Credit and thanks to Gaslamp Post reader only identified as “Messenger of Christ” for this submission.  Artwork was added after the fact. – tglp This is an extraordinary prophetic vision of what the arrival of God’s Kingdom is going to look like. Have also included an extraordinary prophecy from Stanley Frodsham that compliments this vision from […]

SEAL Team 6 Member Killed in Training Accident Identified: Father of 2, Veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan

March 31, 2013


Arizona (Madeleine Morgenstern-AP/The Blaze) – Brett D. Shadle always had wanted to be a member of the Navy’s most elite special forces unit. A year after enlisting, he made it happen and went on to become a highly decorated member of the Navy’s famed SEAL Team 6. U.S. military officials confirmed Saturday that Shadle, a […]

Reader Submission: Classes Available

February 10, 2013


Credit to Gaslamp Post reader Monty for this submission.  Enjoy! Men Teaching Classes for Women at THE ADULT LEARNING CENTER REGISTRATION MUST BE COMPLETED By February 27th, 2013 NOTE: DUE TO THE COMPLEXITY AND DIFFICULTY LEVEL OF THEIR CONTENTS, CLASS SIZES WILL BE LIMITED TO 8 PARTICIPANTS MAXIMUM . Class 1 Up in Winter, Down in […]

Want A Man? Stop Being A Bitch

February 2, 2013


The United States (Chelsea Schilling-World Net Daily) – Ladies, listen up: If you’re busy finding sexual “empowerment,” relentlessly climbing the ranks in a fast-paced career and aggressively asserting your independence, you’ll likely have trouble finding a good man. It’s a common complaint among American women: “What happened to all the good guys?” Despite your beauty […]

Reader Submission Friday: Mr. Scamman

February 1, 2013


Credit to Gaslamp Post reader Gary for this submission:

Reader Submission: Want To Buy A Toothbrush?

January 25, 2013


United States (The Gaslamp Post) Credit to Gaslamp Post reader Jenn for this joke. – The children filed into class Monday morning. They were all very excited; their weekend assignment was to sell something, then give a talk on salesmanship. Little Sally led off. “I sold Girl Scout cookies and I made $30” she said […]

Happy New Year, From the Gaslamp Post!

December 31, 2012


Since this article was so popular today, I figured that rather than writing a new one I would just update this one for 2013.  The original text in this article is actually from last January, I just never pulled it down. Well here we are again America; another year gone by and another laid out […]

Pearl Harbor Day – A Day Of Infamy

December 7, 2012


Watch the rest of the 9 episode series here.  It’s a real eye opener and puts context to everything that happened that day.

Reader Inspired Post: Think You’re Having A Bad Day? Just Remember, Someone Else’s Might Be Worse!

October 31, 2012


The United States (The Gaslamp Post) – Credit to Gaslamp Post reader and huntin’ buddy Monty for the featured image.  Just wanted to remind everyone that we all have bad days, and just when you think you’ve had it, just keep in mind that someone else is having a much worse one. Remember those who […]

A Prayer For The Survivors, America. They Are Our Countrymen.

October 30, 2012


The United States (The Gaslamp Post) – Yesterday, a storm of colossal size slammed our eastern seaboard, leaving much destruction in it’s wake.  The death toll is at this moment, still being tabulated. Millions at this moment are without electricity, water, and heat.  Hundreds of thousands of families are huddled and waiting for waters to […]

Your Stupid Criminal Story Of The Day: Man Has Year Added To His Sentence For Swearing, Spitting At Judge

October 10, 2012


Wisconsin (The Gaslamp Post) – An inmate of Green Bay Correctional Institution who was facing charges of assaulting a guard with urine talked himself into an additional year in prison after initiating a heated exchange with the judge.  Cesar Deleon, 28, who has convictions of multiple counts of armed robbery, kidnapping, substantial battery, false imprisonment, […]

“Violence Tax” Aimed At Ending Handgun Violence In The Streets – Because They Think Criminals Pay Taxes…

October 10, 2012


Illinois (The Gaslamp Post) – There’s no problem that a good ‘ol fashion tax can’t fix, says to the nanny-staters.  Much in the same way that Illinois decided to put a stop to both rape and violence against women, by slapping a tax on strip clubs and lap dances earlier this year, Cook County thinks […]

ABC News Scrambles To Downplay Obama’s Attendance At VP Debate Moderator’s Wedding

October 10, 2012


The United States (Josh Petersen-The Daily Caller) – President Barack Obama was a guest at the 1991 wedding of ABC senior foreign correspondent and vice presidential debate moderator Martha Raddatz, The Daily Caller has learned. Obama and groom Julius Genachowski, whom Obama would later tap to head the Federal Communications Commission, were Harvard Law School […]

Reader Submission: Texas Chili Contest

April 3, 2012


Another reader submitted joke, gotta love it!  This one’s pretty good. Credit to Gaslamp Post reader and good friend Jennifer, for this joke. If you can read this whole story without laughing then there’s no hope for you. I was crying by the end. Note: Please take time to read this slowly. If you pay attention […]

Reader Submission: The Difference Between Grandmothers and Grandfathers

April 2, 2012


It’s nice to change gears every now and again.  A good laugh once in awhile, is a good thing.  Good for the soul, good for the mind.  Credit to Gaslamp Post reader and good friend, Montel, for this joke. Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Grandmothers and Grandfathers? Well, here it is: […]

Public Service Announcement From The Gaslamp Post – Have A Happy and Safe St. Patty’s Day!

March 17, 2012


As you venture forth to your various destinations for your St. Patty’s Day fun, please be safe.  If you intend to drink, please don’t drive. And if you do happen to hook up, please use protection…  That is, unless you WANT a Christmas baby. Seriously, that’s what will happen.  That’s exactly how I got my youngest.  […]

Weekend Edition – 11/5/2011

November 5, 2011


We’re going to try something alittle bit different, this weekend.  Enjoy! – tglp Did U.S. and Utility Company Knowingly Build Nuke Site Over Fault Line? Cop Charged With Sexual Battery, Surprise to His Fellow Officers. Who Hasn’t This Happened To?  Man Arrested After Passing Out in Wrong Car. State Agent Suspended From the Force Over […]