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Unions, Activists Pushing To Keep Local Governments And Public OUT Of Sick-Time And Benefits For Teachers?

April 17, 2013


Florida (David Damron-Orlando Sentinel) –  A coalition of activists urged Floridians on Tuesday to oppose statewide legislation blocking local governments from adopting benefit provisions such as the pending paid sick time referendum in Orange County. Union, religious and Hispanic groups, teamed with local elected Democrats, asked residents to lobby their lawmakers to vote against bills […]

Former SEIU Boss Found Guilty Of Ripping Off Low-Wage Earning Union Members!

January 29, 2013


California (The Gaslamp Post) – Has anyone ever given serious thought as to where all of the money that union workers pay up the ladder goes?  Some say to political campaigns, others believe that it goes towards their retirement, others think that it goes to float them when they’re either out of work or on […]

Communists Getting Ballsy – Union Boys Accused Of Torching Job Site!

December 30, 2012


Pennsylvania (Inga Saffron-Inquirer Architecture Critic) – The site where Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting is building a new meetinghouse was damaged by arsonists during Christmas week, and police are now “absolutely” sure the attack was the result of a dispute between members of a Philadelphia construction union and the project’s nonunion contractor. Although no suspects have […]

Right To Work Now Law In Michigan – Union Protests Turn Violent

December 11, 2012


Michigan (The Gaslamp Post) – Today was an exciting day for Michigan; Right To Work has passed and is now officially law!  Governor Rick Snyder (R) signed the bill in Lansing today, which passed through both the state House and Senate, making it the 24th state in the union to have such a law. As […]

McDonalds, Fast Food Workers Intend To Unionize, Demand Better Wages.

December 2, 2012


You want fries with that? New York (The Gaslamp Post) – Workers at a NYC McDonalds have decided that they cannot live on the mere $7.25 an hour wage, and have chosen to strike.  They are now demanding a living wage of $15.00 an hour. A new campaign called “Fast Food Forward” is aimed at […]

UPDATE: Union Carelessness Leaves 18,000+ Jobless. HOSTESS Goes Under And Now Closing It’s Doors!

November 19, 2012


UPDATE UPDATE 11/20/2012 – The union refuses to budge, so now Hostess has the go ahead to close the doors.  Hey union boys, still think your representation gives a crap about you? Update 11/19/2012 – A bankruptcy court judge is putting the approval for Hostess to liquidate it’s assets on hold.  The update follows the […]

Did A Mailman Step Over Man’s Body And Just keep Going?

November 9, 2012


Colorado (The Gaslamp Post) – Neither sleet nor snow, nor rain, nor body in the way, will stay these carriers from their appointed rounds… Family members of a man found dead on his front steps say that that there is no way their mail carrier made his delivery without seeing the body of their loved […]

Drunk Public School Teachers Can’t Be Fired Under Union Contract?

October 1, 2012


Michigan (The Gaslamp Post) – It was recently discovered that the teacher’s union negotiated a pretty sweet deal for their members in the Bay City public school district.  Did you know that their teacher’s contract permits a teacher to be drunk or on drugs, while on the job, and not get fired for it? I […]

Sign Of The Times? Broke, Crime Ridden City To Lay Off ENTIRE Police Force!

August 28, 2012


New Jersey (The Gaslamp Post) – A city that has had to rely on years of state and federal cash in order to function is finally arriving at its day of reckoning.  It has recently been announced that as a means to keep the city of Camden financially viable, the city government has planned to […]

Union Thugs Arrested, Suspended After Demonstrating, Blocking Traffic At Casino

June 20, 2012


Think people are getting sick of dealing with unions? New Jersey (The Gaslamp Post) – An Atlantic City casino has suspended 21 union employees after they staged a protest outside of their place of employment, which blocked traffic as well as the business’ entrance.  The Tropicana Casino has suspended the employees for an indefinite length of […]

WATCH! Walker Supporter Shouted Down, Arrested After Union Thugs Try To Silence Him

June 5, 2012


Wisconsin (The Gaslamp Post) – It takes balls to stand alone in the lion’s den.  That’s exactly what a former Marine and ex-fire fighter did four days ago in Milwaukee, when he attended a pro-Barret rally, with one simple question. David Willoughby, who refused to give his name to the press because of union backlash and retaliation […]

OH SNAP! Head Of Teacher’s Union Suspended For Tweaking Granddaughter’s Grades!

May 13, 2012


New Jersey (The Gaslamp Post) – The president of the faculty teacher’s union at Bergen Community college has been suspended without pay, after allegations that he had instructed staff, to alter his granddaughter’s grades. Professor Peter Helff, a math teacher, has been at the college for 42 years. The board of trustees’ move to suspend Helff […]

Say WHAT??? Pot Dispensary Workers Have a Union Now?

March 23, 2012


Oh BROTHER! California (The Gaslamp Post) – A Los Angeles councilman who led the charge in attempting to ban medical marijuana dispensaries in his city, has hit a snag in his efforts from an unforseen advisory; the very union whose endorsement got him his job.  Councilman Jose Huizar, who presides over an east side district has intended to implement banning stores […]

Socialism Is Great Until You Run Out Of Other People’s Money. GM Shuts Down Production of Chevy Volt and Lays Off 1,300

March 3, 2012


Michigan (Keith Laing-The Hill) – General Motors has temporarily suspended production of its Volt electric car, the company announced Friday.  Gee, there’s a shocker!  I wonder if it has anything to do with no one wanting to buy them. GM, which is based in Detroit, announced to employees at one of its facilities that it […]

Sign Of The Times? Union Whiners Stage Sit-in; It’s Not Their Fault They Killed Their “Green” Goose.

February 24, 2012


Illinois (Alejandra Cancino-The Chicago Tribune) – Workers at a window factory on Goose Island ended a sit-in early Friday morning after the company agreed to keep the plant open for 90 days, union leaders said.  Hold up…  Did I read that right?  These clowns staged a sit-in at a factory that was closing?  Lemmie guess, these […]

Teacher’s Union Demanding 30% Pay Increase – Guess Whose Home Town, Guess Who’s the Mayor!

February 22, 2012


Think there was a reason Rahm was put there?  Is it still too cliche to say, “follow the money?”  You’re getting HOSED Illinois, and you’re not doing anything about it. “It’s for the kids.” Illinois (The Gateway Pundit) – In 2010 14,866 Illinois teachers made over $100,000. The highest paid teacher in Illinois teaches PE […]

D.C. Protestor: Unions Paid Us $60 Bucks a Head to Protest

February 12, 2012


Washington D.C. (Tiffany Gabbay-The Blaze) – Protesters at Friday’s “Occupy CPAC” demonstration, organized by AFL-CIO and the Occupy DC movement, told The Daily Caller that they were paid “sixty bucks a head” to protest outside the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C.  Hmmm…  There’s a shocker.  Why aren’t the Occupiers complaining that they should […]

They’re Going to Occupy The SUPER BOWL, Now?

January 30, 2012


Apparently, stupidity is not in short supply, with these people. Indiana (Betsy Reason-Indystar) – The message from yesterday’s rally against Indiana’s Right to Work bill was clear: Its opponents still want to be heard.  Oh look, something else has these guys panties in a bunch… “We’re going to occupy Super Bowl Village today,” said rally […]

UNTHINKABLE! Local Unions Refuse to Give In Even As Threat of State Takeover Looms

January 12, 2012


This is a prime example of WHY you have to pay attention to not only who you vote into office, but WHY you have to watch them, get involved, and ask questions.  They work for YOU, America.  That means when they screw up, you have no one to blame but yourself. Michigan (Dawson Bell and Steve […]

Mickey Mouse and Hitler Will Be Accepted on Recall Petitions, Board Decides

December 19, 2011


Wisconsin ( – The signatures of Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler will be counted on recall petitions targeting Gov. Scott Walker as long as they are properly dated and include a Wisconsin address, the board charged with reviewing the petitions was told Tuesday. Suspicious signatures will be noted when the Government Accountability Board reviews the petitions, […]

Privatation “Unlikely” To Stop – Teachers Union Pissing Its Panties

November 30, 2011


New Jersey (Matt Fair-The Times/ – First they came for the district’s cafeteria workers, then for its security staff and bus drivers. Slowly, over the last three years, Trenton Public Schools has moved toward privatizing parts of its staff to cope with rising employee costs and reductions in state aid. Union leaders fear the effort […]

Parents of Disabled Children Forced to Pay Union Dues – To a Union They Didn’t Join

November 21, 2011


Michigan ( – What would you say if you found out someone was taking money – without permission – from medicaid checks meant for disabled children?  Well, it’s happening to thousands of families all over Michigan right now.  This money is being deducted automatically by a state agency and given directly to a union, the Service […]