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Feds Caught Promoting Welfare To Foreigners??????

April 27, 2013


The United States (World Net Daily) – The U.S. government has been caught promoting the delivery of taxpayer-funded welfare benefits to foreigners, and Judicial Watch’s conclusion is that the Obama administration “cannot be trusted to protect our borders.” Judicial Watch, the Washington watchdog which is known for tracking down and trying to stamp out government […]

ILLEGAL ALIEN Convicted Of Food Stamp Fraud – Gets NO JAIL TIME And Is Protected From Deportation?!?!?!?!!?!

April 9, 2013


Wisconsin (The Gaslamp Post) – An illegal alien was found guilty and convicted yesterday by a Brown County judge of defrauding taxpayers by scamming food stamps and assistance while she was not eligible.  All things considered, her punishment was considerably light, and not only will she receive no jail time, but the court took steps […]

Naw Really? State WIC Program Plagued with HUGE Problems, Mismanaged.

February 21, 2013


Georgia (Rhonda Cook and Shannon McCaffrey-Atlanta Journal-Constitution) – A federal program that provides food for low-income women and their children is so badly mismanaged in Georgia that state taxpayers could be slammed with a $20 million penalty. Systemic problems in the Women, Infants and Children nutritional program, commonly know as WIC, have allowed stores to […]

Is It Fair For People On Food Stamps To Buy Prime Rib And Lobster While Working Families Barely Survive?

February 14, 2013


The United States (Mike-The Economic Collapse) – Should we all quit working and jump on board the Obama gravy train?  Of course I am being facetious, but when you are barely surviving does there come a point when it just becomes easier to give up and totally rely on the government? Today, the federal government […]

HA! ANOTHER State Seeks To Drug Test Welfare Recipients

February 5, 2013


North Dakota (AP-Bismark Tribune) – A proposal to require drug testing for some North Dakota welfare recipients puts an unfair burden on the needy and might be unconstitutional, state and social services officials said Monday. Several Republican lawmakers are pushing the measure, which also would require applicants of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and Supplemental […]

Elderly, Disabled Turned Away After “Entitled” Mob Overruns Section 8 Voucher Distribution

January 13, 2013


Michigan (The Gaslamp Post) – What was supposed to be an orderly distribution of Section 8 housing vouchers erupted into chaos early Saturday morning.  Many disabled and elderly individuals who had shown up for assisted housing vouchers were overrun when over 3 times the number of people gathered looking for a handout. The line of […]

Reader’s Choice: True Story At A Ford Dealership. Pass it on!! The Whole Country Has To Know.

January 7, 2013


New York (American Dream 246-Free Republic) Credit to Gaslamp Post reader Roger for this story – True story at a Ford dealership Tom Selkis’ (Latham Ford) True story recently at the dealership….. “I’ll try to make this as short and to the point as I can. One of my salesmen here had a woman in […]

Why Bother Working? America, Do You Realize How Much You’re Getting Screwed To Float Someone Else?

December 10, 2012


The United States (The Gaslamp Post) – Every day we’re hearing about this fiscal cliff nonsense; this guy wants to cut this, that guy wants to tax that.  Cut the defense!  Tax the rich!  Don’t raise taxes on the middle class!  Leave our mortgage interest deduction alone! Here a cliff, there a cliff, everywhere a […]

Man Who Double-Fisted Government Benefits For TWENTY Years, Fined And Sentenced To Two Years For FRAUD!

October 17, 2012


Thought you were going to get away with it, huh? Virginia (The Gaslamp Post) – A West Virginia man who bilked roughly $265,700 from YOU the taxpayer, was sentenced yesterday in a U.S. District Court.  For his scam on the American Taxpayer, he was ordered to pay restitution of $265,673 and must serve two years […]

Video – “Keep Obama ‘In’ President, He Gave Us ‘Uh’ Phone!” Screams Insane Obama Supporter.

September 27, 2012


Ohio (The Gaslamp Post) – Apparently the free goodies tossed out to those who can’t be bothered, has worked.  It’s scarey to think that this is what we’re devolving into.  The “phone” the woman in the video is referring to, is available to those who are considered “low income”. This would be anyone on social […]

State Seeks To Curb Waste By Fingerprint Scanning Kids At Daycare Centers

September 17, 2012


Mississippi (The Gaslamp Post) – The state of Mississippi Department of Human Services has begun enacting what they call a cost saving measure, by requiring certain children to be fingerprint scanned when they are put into daycare.  It is intended to verify that the children of parents who receive vouchers for government subsidized daycare are […]

Baker Catches Hell For Sticking To Her Principles And Not Accepting Food Stamps

August 16, 2012


Massachusetts (The Gaslamp Post) -A baker from Walpole, Massachusetts has taken a stand against what she is calling abuses of tax-payer dollars after she was pressured to sell her goods at a farmers market to individuals using EBT cards.  Andrea Taber, owner of the Ever So Humble Pie Co. has staged a one woman protest […]

Gary, Don’t Let Roger See This… President Obama Is Paying Illegal Aliens To Come Here.

August 9, 2012


Seriously Gary, don’t show him this.  This story will put Roger in the ground! Washington D.C. (John Hinderaker-Powerline) – If you have high blood pressure, take some medication before reading further. A basic premise of immigration law is that immigrants to the U.S. are expected to be self-supporting. We obviously don’t want to attract people […]

Obama Administration Quietly Usurps State Authority – Offers Federal Food Stamps Without “Work” Requirement.

July 14, 2012


United States (Mickey Kaus – The Daily Caller) – Obama weakens welfare reform (again): Here are some quick initial reactions to the administration’s apparent surprising (and possibly illegal) attempt to grant waivers of the work requirements written, after great effort, into the 1996 welfare reform law.  I’m posting Thursday night; the story should break for real […]

Woman Sentenced In Welfare Fraud Case

April 16, 2012


Wisconsin (The Gaslamp Post) – A woman was sentenced late last month after pleading guilty to ripping off the tax-payer by scamming the welfare system.  Angela Burchett, 36, was charged with two counts of public assistance fraud, after investigators say she took $22,403.18 in public assistance as well as publicly funded medical benefits.  She said that […]

Man Tries To Use Welfare Card To Bail Himself Out Of Jail

April 11, 2012


Massachusetts (The Gaslamp Post) – Police say a man that they had arrested for drug dealing tried to post bail using his tax-payer funded, EBT (welfare) card.  The EBT, or Electronic Benefits Transfer, is just another good intention, paving our nation’s way straight to hell.  This past Friday, police say they arrested 45-year-old, Kimball Clark, while he was in the middle […]

ANOTHER State Intends to Begin Drug Testing Welfare Recipients – Get This, People Are All For It!

February 14, 2012


Kansas (Brad Cooper-The Kansas City Star) – In a legislative session already flush with complex and divisive issues, Kansas lawmakers now want to take on their version of welfare reform: drug testing.  ABSOLUTELY! A group of lawmakers, including Rep. Brett Hildabrand of Merriam, are proposing to require a third of all Kansas welfare recipients to […]

Americans Are Footing the Bill for Millions of Free Welfare Cellphones

February 9, 2012


Washington D.C. (Brad Tuttle-Time) – Last year, a federal program paid out $1.6 billion to cover free cell phones and the monthly bills of 12.5 million wireless accounts. Because some idiot figured that free cell phones were a civil right.  The program, overseen by the FCC and intended to help low-income Americans, is popular for […]

Readers Choice: Congress Passes Legislation Which Prevents Welfare Cards Being Used at Strip Clubs… Wait WHAT????

February 3, 2012


You mean to tell me, that THIS was a problem???  How long has this been going on???? Washington D.C. (Chad Pergram-Fox News) – Credit to Gaslamp Post reader Gary, for this story.  The House passed legislation Wednesday that would prevent welfare recipients from spending money on adult entertainment, alcohol or gambling.  You mean to tell […]

Hey, What Do You Know? Obama’s Stimulus DID Create Jobs…

February 1, 2012


Unfortunatly, the jobs that were created, are all in the Welfare distribution office.  New York (NBC TV-New York) – Economic woes have forced at least one city agency into a hiring spree — adding more workers to process the demand for food stamps and other assistance.  One step forward, two steps back… The Human Resources Administration […]

When You Use Those Can Return Machines to Collect The Deposit, Make Sure the Cans Are Empty First.

January 28, 2012


And if you used a food stamp card to buy the soda, in the first place, it might be a good idea to make sure it wasn’t stolen… Massachusettes (Taylor Provost-The Daily Item) – Police arrested a woman at a Lynn Stop & Shop Saturday after she allegedly stole $64 worth of soda cans from […]

Iranian National Gets 4 Years in Prison For $4M Food Stamp Fraud

January 18, 2012


Texas (Madeline Buckley-The Brownsville Herald) – The owner of a Brownsville supermarket is headed to prison for almost four years for committing food stamp fraud, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said today. Parviz Sheikh Rezaei, 56, the owner of Pariz Dollar Supermarket Iranian national, pleaded guilty in August to exchanging Lone Star cards, which are used in Cameron County as […]